[TV] Jonghyun Lonely Night @ Immortal Song 2

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Judges’ praise edited out

– Kim Taewon (guitar) : Ah, first of all, he’s so handsome, good gestures, and has it all like a rock group vocal…congratulations! Lonely Night is so difficult people usually lower the key, but I had a feeling you used the original key almost. You are Sshiniee (JH: Yes) Sshinee… Personally, SHINee and Super Junior are teams I like. Our homepage…recently very stable. It’s very stable. Very good.

– Seo Jaehyuk (base): If this were a concert hall, Jonghyun-ssi’s stage would have been more moving in the last part. Because this is a TV station… It was a little bit impractical, but it would have been much better (in a concert hall). The last part’s soft feelings reminded me of previous performances like Yoseop’s and Hyorin’s. Today’s performance was like a festival…it was very good.

JH: If you had such a feeling, that’s what I intended.

– Jung Dongha (vocal): Ah, it was awesome, expecially your attempt to perform with the audience and approach them on stage was unexpected and very good. You did a good job.

– Chae Jemin (drum): It took our vocal Jung Dongha 6 years to perform with the audience (laugh), it was very good. I’m very happy to see such a performance. I thought we should work harder. To make our country’s rock better… I think the audience judges will be really hard to decide.

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Trans by jujugal]

I don’t know why the pd edited out all the praises Jonghyun garnered after his performance.

I was proud when Jonghyun introduced himself “I’m SHINee Jonghyun,” not just “I’m singer Jonghyun” as other idols did. Jonghyun keep challenging himself by choosing a difficult song and trying to make a stage with the audience. He could have chosen a safe and easy road, but he instead makes a new challenge. As one of the legend members said, what Jonghyun tried to show in his performance, performing with the audience and the sense of a live concert, seems to be something that is hard to be conveyed through such a TV program, I think. Especially when the pd is editing it to kill off the liveliness Jonghyun attempted to show.

Anyway, no more of the pd (yay~ joyful) and no more of Jonghyun’s performance (sad).


11 thoughts on “[TV] Jonghyun Lonely Night @ Immortal Song 2

  1. I didn’t get to watch the stream. Did they show judges comments after other idol’s performances? I heard that they didn’t show hardly any of Jonghyun at all during the show. Not sure what PD has against him. But at least its over and Jonghyun got to display his voice and bring his and Shinee’s name out to the public a little more. And I know he had fun doing it, too so I’m glad he got to~ 🙂

    • I’m even thinking he must have some kind of grudges against Jjong. I heard the pd edited out judges’ bad comments for one of the idol contestants :/ Yes, it’s over now (sigh of relief).

      • whose bad comment did they edit out?

        idk watching the show.. it’s kind of obvious that the pd is biased towards certain ppl

  2. Echoing JW’s comment I’d like to know if they aired the judge’s comments for the other contestant. If they only cut Jjong’s then I really will start to think the PD has something against him :\ (what that could be tho idek…) Even w/o the praise tho it was pretty obvious everyone enjoyed his stage. Liked the band’s vocalist I really liked that he tried approaching the audience while preforming, he did that for lonely night too & i smiled a lot because of it. It’s very easy to feel the joy he gets from singing & preforming on stage.

    It was short & he never won but his run on the program was good, very good.

  3. Spaz PD and weird format aside, I’ll miss him, he looks like he had the time of his life, at least on the stage. 😦

  4. Sad to hear that the general public did not get to hear the Bohwal member’s praises of Jjong. What does the PD have against him? Jung Dongha is a phenomenal vocalist – he may be the youngest & newest member of the band but he’s one of their best ( I think he’s the 9th vocalist). Bhowal are legends so Jjong must.be happy with their feedback. 🙂

  5. I’m sad because we won’t see him on tv for a while but at the same time, I was getting tired of all the controversies from the show and obviously the PD doesn’t like jjong since he keeps cutting out his parts. I’m glad jjong got to do this because it seems like he really enjoyed himself onstage and that makes me really happy for him 🙂

  6. Thank you for the translation of the song and esp the judges’ comments. When I watched the fancam and saw Jjong’s sad face, I thought they said something negative about his performance. I feel so relieved now that it’s totally the opposite ^^
    And the pd, I could never understand him =.=

  7. Tho I know Jonghyun’s just trying to interact with the audiences by offering his mic towards
    I just LOL-ed, coz suddenly Minho’s words in OMS about the way they performed when they didn’t get much paid, came into my mind…

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