[photo] SHINee Debut Single Album

[Source: http://twitter.com/#!ttuttiwoo]

It looks so pretty!


3 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee Debut Single Album

  1. cant wait for mine anyway~ ^^
    ahh,u know the rumor about perv coordi? i saw one blog,said that the rumor is fake. just wanna let you know. if you want to read, tell me..i will give you the link. 😉

  2. but this rumor started from beauties as well. sigh. i dont know what they wanted anyway. maybe like we discuss before? what is just cant be accepted is that, they said that noona help jjong to zip his pants?? im quite unhappy abt that. it’s just weird how they created that whole rumor in the first place. yepp, gratefully there are matured one. but, i dont think us shawols take that rumor seriously too which is fortunate. 😉

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