[mobile] SHINee at EMI’s Welcome Party

[Source: SHINee Japan mobile; DC Shinee Gallery]

EMI held a welcome party for SHINee. They must be treating our boys as V.I.P. Look at the wall decoration. Their foster parents in Japan seem to be treating them better 😉


2 thoughts on “[mobile] SHINee at EMI’s Welcome Party

  1. Every day, my appreciation for EMI grows more and more. They seem to be really excited to work with SHINee and are treating them as VIP artists.

    Anyone know SHINee’s flight time to London? I’m pretty sure they will leave today (or have done so last night).

  2. im going to thank EMI soooo much for treating SHINee so much better! just dont know how much i love you EMI. lol. seriously, i am very very very grateful to have SHINee under EMI. It’s plain awesome! U guys treat them like gold. Love it! >w<
    i cant thank you enough if SHINee make it big in Japan. SHINee's always been underrated compared to their sunbaes. now i hope our boys are feeling the classy treatment by EMI. yeayy for SHINee! 🙂

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