[preview] SHINee on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke

[Source: tumblr; DC Shinee Gallery] Click to see the last picture big!

To be aired at 25:40 p.m., 22 June

Can’t wait to watch it!

12 thoughts on “[preview] SHINee on Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke

  1. juju, there’s alot of updates. thank you so much for your hardwork. i love you~ 😉
    cant wait to see the show. what are they looking at? food? hehe~ :3
    the debut day is near by now. im so feeling it! >w<

  2. Excited! I hope it’s a barrel of laughs that endear SHINee to the Japanese audience.

    On a side note to SG: hello baby starts this Sun on channel 825 on star hub at 1135pm. Can’t wait to watch HB on my HD wide-screen TV instead of YouTube. Haha

    • I think it is fans’ wish. The guest lineup is already out and SHINee is not included. It can’t be that easy. Hoping they will be invited later.

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