[photo] SHINee in VMAJ Fukuoka Concert

[Cr as tagged]

– Onew dyed his hair. Someone says he looks like Chicken Little? 😀

Taemin looks tired 😦

8 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee in VMAJ Fukuoka Concert

  1. I think onew’s hair looks better in this new brown color. it suits him better than the black, imo which washes him out

  2. I like Onew’s new hair. Brown has always suited him well. The 2nd pic suggests it isn’t as orangey as the other pic suggests so it’s okay.

  3. I love Onew’s new hair!!! It suits him. I’ve always preferred brown on Onew or anything except black cos he looks more mature and doesn’t look as plain. He doesn’t look as ‘magnae’ now haha.

    I think the lighting in the first pic makes his hair look more orangey than it is in reality cos in the other pic, his hair looks more on the brownish-red side. 😀

  4. jujugal I found a 10 sec fancam of Key performing Ring Ding Dong. Not sure if it is helpful or not, but I’ll just leave it here incase you need it ^^ I’ll go look for more.

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