[news] DBSK, SNSD, SHINee to Appear on ‘Noleowa’ SM Town Special

According to a source, SM Entertainment singers, including DBSK, SNSD, SHINee, and f(x), will film Yu Jaeseok and Kim Wonhee’s Noleowa SM Town special at MBC Dream Center on 22 June.

The source explained, “It is to hear the singers’ backstage stories and frank opinions on the K-pop boom in Europe after their concert in Paris.” Due to their schedule conflicts, all the singers may not participate in the filming, but a talk show with all the SME groups as guests is unprecedented.

It is expected they will talk about impressions of European fans in the concert and prospects on their debut in Europe.

[from Sports Chosun http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?id=201106170100146210011863&ServiceDate=20110616]

Update: According to the production team, 2 DBSK, 4 SuJu, 4 SNSD, and 2 f(x) members will appear on the special.

Can SHINee participate in filming the special when their debut single is released on 22 June? Maybe they have nothing else scheduled on the day?? Or the article refers to SHINee when it says “all the singers may not participate…”?

SHINee won’t appear…T.T


9 thoughts on “[news] DBSK, SNSD, SHINee to Appear on ‘Noleowa’ SM Town Special

  1. I believe the album drops on the 22nd but they don’t necessarily have any appearances scheduled until the MTV VMAJ performance on Jun 26th. Instead, there are a lot of interviews coming out next week.

    I was hoping the boys can stay longer in London to sightsee and rest before rehearsing for the VMAJ. But I guess not. I am so happy for them but also a bit worried – 4 long-haul flights over approx 14 days is tough. I know they travel a lot but this is the first time they are travelling long-haul back-to-back. It took me 1 week to get over jet lag on 1 long-haul flight alone. Fighting, SHINee!

    • Whoa, that’s intense! Thanks for explaining, I hope it won’t be too tough on them. Their debut day is drawing near. Thanks for the update jujugal.

  2. i’m confuse too, i remember juju mention in an older entry that Shinee will appear in Hahaha show! (the name might not correct because of my lacking mind >.<) on June 22nd. Maybe they already recorded for that Hahaha show?

  3. at your last note : SHINee wont appear? well i do feel it weird though on how SHINee will record this on their debut date? i was like, what! on 22june? are u serious? 0_0”

  4. What the heck? They aren’t attending? I thought they were going to because the article said so, how weird o-o I guess Super Junior will be taking their places instead.

    • 4 SuJu members will be there. Well, SHINee will make a solo appearance there one day, you know after making a big success in Japan. Japan activities are more important, and with all the sunbaes, SHINee won’t have much talk time anyway. Yes, I’m doing a ‘sour grape’ thing 😉

  5. juju, i hear that shinee wont appear in this show because they will recording for music station that day. is that true?

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