[magazine] Preview of SHINee on Hallyu (Korean Wave) Pia

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]


7 thoughts on “[magazine] Preview of SHINee on Hallyu (Korean Wave) Pia

      • It’s weird… But if you say so:) I’ve only checked the list of upcoming interviews and sessions and there is SODA on 23th of June but PIA was before that’s why I’m not sure;)

  1. Even the tag on the picture says that’s PIA but maybe someone made a mistake (since it’s not the official tag because it looks like made by fan)… And for that session they were wearing those colorful clothes and white are for SODA. It’d be weird if they’ve had the same session for two different magazines^^ It will out soon, now we need to wait and it’s no matter where it comes from if SHINee’ll look amazing ❤ Btw, thank you very much for sharing, I'm translating to Polish all things about SHINee and your page is really helpful! Of course I tag every single news took from here:)

    • We left comments at the same time ^^. No, the tag wasn’t fanmade (I also have a photo of the magazine cover in which there’s no SHINee photo, and it’s Hallyu Pia). If you remember, they’ve had the same clothes for different magazines so far. Because of their busy schedule, I think they are having the same photo session for more than one magazine. You’re welcome!
      Hallyu Pia

      • Thank you very much!!! I can’t wait for their photos ❤ And you're right, their schedule is really busy T__T Now I'm going to translate all news that you give us during the night (for me it was at night xD) and I'm waiting for the next updates! I'm reading you all the time;)

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