[interview] SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers

– Whose Japanese is the best and worst?

Minho: The best speaker is Key! I think the worst is me. I’ll study harder.

Key: It may sound like I’m boasting, but I think I’m the best speaker because I started watching Japanese dramas and movies earlier than other members.

– Taemin has grown taller. How tall is he now?

Taemin: About 177~178 cm.

– How do you maintain your body shape?

Minho: I work out regularly. And I try to eat well.

Key: I think it’s helpful to do a diet in the evening.

Jonghyun: I work out and do a diet.

Onew: I don’t do any special maintenance.

Taemin: I work out regularly and don’t do snacking.

– What do you do in the waiting room?

We chat or play with members. We also listen to music.

– In which country are you most popular?

Well, it’s hard to tell where we are most popular. We are always grateful that fans all over the world are interested in us and love us.

– I want to have children like SHINee. What dreams did your parents have in the conception of you? And what did you eat to grow up to become so fine?

Minho: Um…thanks to meals mom made with love?

Key: I think I’ve matured up thanks to diverse experiences.

Jonghyun: I heard it was a dream related to peach.

Onew: I think it’s because I have a balanced diet without eating only what I want.

Taemin: I heard there was a big toad inside our house in the conception dream.  I think I grew up well thanks to meals mom made. ^^

– I read in an article that you participated in City Hunter OST. Which member is closest to the city hunter character?

Jonghyun: I think it’s Minho.

– I’m curious about your ideal types. And the reason.

Minho: Someone who looks good in long straight hair, smiles pretty, and is kind-hearted!

Key: I like a girl who is stylish and good in self-discipline. And I hope she is passionate both in work and love.

Jonghyun: I like someone who looks pretty when smiling.

Onew: I like a girl who has her own thoughts and is frank.

Taemin: I like a girl whose heart is unchanging like a sunflower.

[Sorry, I left this part out; thanks ineedyou22!]

– Given a full day you can spend at your will, what would you do?

Minho: I want to roam around here and there without minding people’s gaze.

Key: Given one day…party?!

Jonghyun: Even given a free day, it won’t be much different from my routine now.

Onew: I want to have a trip!

Taemin: I want to hang out with people together at a crowded place!

[Source: The Daily Focus http://www.fnn.co.kr/content.asp?aid=4c8dde9f35274349ac5733ae4d9679db – Click to increase view counts!]

– Trans by jujugal

For the last question, thier answers were quite what I expected, except for Taemin’s.

14 thoughts on “[interview] SHINee Q&A with Daily Focus Readers

  1. Minho, your ideal type is so YURII!! LOL
    Taemin, i really love your answer, even though you’re the youngest but sometimes i think you have the maturest mind.
    a girl like sunflower, MEEE!! LOL hahaha 😀
    and ROFL, Onew didn’t maintain his body, but why it’s so nice built and sexxaay? tell me why onyu! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    • ^
      ^^ agree with you, Taemin’s answer reflects his mature mind XD Onew’s body has already maintenance (love his body especially for maypole o.O) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      Juju thanks for translate this ^^
      I can’t stop laugh when he instead talk about big toad over year, it’s a public secret, Taeminnie. I hope I will dream it too while I pregnant (and get Taemin,-look a like) ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Hello! ^-^ Thanks for the translation! SHINee is so cute keke…And I love how Taemin always wants a girl that is like a sunflower. Adorable.

    However, I did want to mention that I did click on the link…and I think there was another section that you left out?

    “- 당신에게 단 하루 마음껏 할 수 있는 시간이 주어진다면 가장 해보고 싶은 일은 무엇인가요. @kingmiri
    민호 : 다른 사람의 시선을 의식하지 않고 마음껏 여기저기 돌아다녀보고 싶어요.
    KEY : 하루면…파티?!
    종현 : 하루의 시간이 주어져도 지금의 일상과 비슷할 것 같아요.
    온유 : 저는 여행을 가고 싶어요!
    태민 : 사람들이 많은 곳에서 다 같이 어울려서 놀고 싶어요!”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, by comparing it by sentence length (because I don’t know a lot of Korean) it seems it was left out.
    Thank you for your dedication, amazing posts and speedy translating! ^_^

  3. – How do you maintain your body shape?

    Taemin: I work out regularly and don’t do snacking. (HuHuHu..I Love Snack So Much….Maybe I Need To Change My Habit)

    – I’m curious about your ideal types. And the reason.

    Onew: I like a girl who has her own thoughts and is frank (It’s Me ^^)

    • well, exaggerating height is a common thing in Korea so I won’t be supprised if they didn’t match the profile (:
      plus, our boys debuted when they’re still very young, so maybe sm left them space to grow later xD. Honestly, I believe Taemin and Key weren’t that tall when they debuted, if so they must have surpassed Minho as they’re growing so much lately.

  4. whoo, Taemins height mystery finally revealed 😀 and its just about what i thought it was.. but this also confirms my theory that Onew isnt nor has he ever been his official height of 177cm, Key just might be tho…

    also Taemin LIES! u do snack!!! all the time! but imo he once said he usually doesnt eat regular meals or whatever so maybe he just lives off snacks, milk, and meat? we all know how he loves his milk and meat… (as an almost vegetarian i always go 😎 when hes WHOO GOGI!!! :D) oooor maybe now that hes working out he actually changed his eating habits to something a bit more decent? 😛

    anyway thanks for translating! 😀

    • aigoo… Onew don’t wear much shoe lifts that he would look smaller than other members often if he isn’t wearing heeled boots. Watch hello baby and guage their heights when their only wearing socks. He is tall and not lying. Sorry Onew bias here and that pissed me off! You can praise your biases without putting the others down you know… T.T

      • sorry nothing against Onew, i just think hes about 175, maybe 176cm.. sm always adds at least 1cm 😛 but he does wear insoles, tho not as much as Key and Jjong… i also bet Taemins debut height was closer to 170 than 175 😀 and i have watched a lot of hello baby and imo ontaekey was about the same height but Taemin has still grown a bit since then… >.<

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