[video] Elle Girl Japan Name Card Game with SHINee vol. 1

[Trans and sub by jujugal]

Here’s the link to the original: http://www.elle.co.jp/ellegirl/celeb/features/shinee11_0613

Minho teasing Jonghyun and Jonghyun getting so hyper and hitting Monho and Key >.<

Onew thinks he would date Taemin if he were a girl, and Minho picks Onew – a love triangle? But Taemin just picks himself!

When Taemin guesses what Key said in Japanese, Taemin’s sense makes Minho give him a high-five. Another hit, good job, bb~


15 thoughts on “[video] Elle Girl Japan Name Card Game with SHINee vol. 1

  1. they all so cute. i saw the video without anything to understand. but still i laugh seeing them. lol. >w<
    thanks juju for the translation!

  2. oh my god. They were all so adorable in that video! I love how Jonghyun kept slapping Minho with the cards. Whoa, Taemin is so smart! Everyone was shocked at the end because Taemin actually understood Key’s Japanese, LOL! Thanks for translating jujugal!

  3. thanks juju for translating.
    they’re so funny, even though i don’t understand, i keep laughing, now i understand, i wanna laugh more.
    aisshhh these boys really know how to make us melt *_*
    JJong hit minho allooottt, i guess minho like to teasing JJong. kkkk

  4. THANK U SO MUCH FOR TRANSLATING THIS!!!^^ SHINee’s so funny, especially the part when they choose whom they gonna date if they were a girl XD

  5. Even without translation i keep laughing but with you translate it make me laugh more XD
    Thank you so much jujugal ^[]^

  6. thanks juju for the translation!!!!
    Oh my god, what an hilarious interview, elle always make interview’s way interesting XD
    look at his answer about this question “Which member do you want to date if you were a girl?”
    super funny!
    Anyway, would you like to subbing it in video?

  7. They’re so funny and cute at the same time ♥
    thanks to your translation of the questions, I could have some brief ideas of what they’re doing with the name card ^^ Still, can’t wait for your full translation, I wonder what Minho had said to make Jjong hit him twice xD

  8. Ah, how cute u are taemin goon^_^ Is it really he understand what Key said?????I’m so curious……………….

    • No, he just guessed it. That’s the point there 🙂 Taemin’s sense made Minho give him a high-five! Edit: Watching it again and again, I’m not sure. It seems like Taemin understood it? Don’t know for sure.

  9. SHINee is so dorky and cute and handsome and hilarious during interviews.
    And Minho seems to have adopted Onew’s quick wits to poke fun at Jonghyun. JongHo is so hilarious.

    Anyone notice that when they were talking about losing things, Taemin managed to lose two name cards?
    Onew was holding one for him and Taemin didn’t even notice on was still missing after he picked up the one he dropped.

    Thank you so much for subbing! You’re always so fast. 🙂
    Many Shawols would be quite literally lost in translation without your help.

  10. I liked this much better than their other dry interviews. You can see their individual personalities shine through. I hope a lot of JP non-fans see this because they are all adorable.

  11. Wow! Thanks a lot for the subs!! I loved this litllel clip, I’m soo happy when I see them getting along so well, I feel like smiling all day now :D!!

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