[info] SHINee Replay Clear File

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

I want it! but no way to get it 😦

This will be given for free to 20 people out of those who register SHINee as My Artist on mobile Rekochoku EMI.


9 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Replay Clear File

    • I hope they sell it. It’s given for free to 20 people out of those who download Hello from Rekochoku and register SHINee in artists. No way I can do that T.T

  1. Are those cards/posters or what? What are the sizes? They look so cool, I wanna collect them ^^ J-Shawols are so lucky, but I’m happy that they are supporting SHINee. The day is coming, SHINee’s debut date and Abbey Road performance is almost here! Thanks again for all the updates jujugal.

  2. seriuosly I don’t have any idea about this stuff. Is it clear file just like note book sheet? Kekeke, sorry for my old fashion minded XD

  3. Jujugal, could I ask you one question?: when will the winners for the Elle Girl Japan SHINee London Contest be revealed? :\ It’s already this Sunday, and I can’t wait to find out who the winners are! 😀

    • im sorry, im not juju obviously. lol. just wanna help. i saw the tweet last night from elle girl japan that they already distributed 10 invitations to the lucky fan’s mailbox. 😉

      anyway, juju..just wanna share. onewside has open registration for oversea fans from 20th – 25th june. they will do the registration for us. we just have to give our information as below, to onew_side@naver.com
      here’s the link i get from their official tweet :

      p/s OIAM also already opened their facebook acc, beautiful days got their youtube account. ^^

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