[video] SHINee on Tower Records Summer Sale Campaign

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

Tower Records Summer Sale

Visuals of THE BAWDIES, Maeda Atsuko, SHINee, and movie moteki will be used in Tower Records for a campaign with the concept of “Let’s Listen to Music Now”. These will also be used on posters and <fans> distributed in stores.

*SHINee fans will be distributed from 21 June.

To watch a video clip of SHINee introducing debut single Replay, click here: http://tower.jp/article/series/79030

16 thoughts on “[video] SHINee on Tower Records Summer Sale Campaign

  1. i don’t know if it’s because i only stand Shinee but this is the most intense promotion i have ever seen
    Can’t believe we’re only 8 days aways from Replay release, i’m crossing my finger right now for the sale to set a record, given all theses promotions

  2. EMI sure is pulling every strings possible. I know their promotions in Japan might be a little stressful due to their numerous schedules, but I honestly think that EMI is really great doing all these for SHINee. It’s rare for a group who didn’t debut yet to promote intensely like this. EMI sure is working hard to showcase SHINee’s potential. For that, I’m really grateful. Thank you.

    (P.S. Honestly, when I’ve heard about SHINee doing a show in Abbey Road Studios to celebrate their debut in Japan, I went WHF and asked myself “why on Earth would they celebrate their debut in there?”. But Im really happy that EMI surpassed my expectation about SHINee’s Japanese Promotion)

      • how the tricky promotions?
        JuJu, if you don’t mind, can you tell us a little about other K-pop groups promotion at JP compare to SHINee’s?
        i just want to know, how our boys doing there. 😀
        but, if it’s too sensitive issue, it’s okay if you not answer :DD

      • Well, not sensitive… OK, I won’t mention the groups’ names, but only describe the tricks. To make fans buy lots of albums, they organize a “high-five (or touch)” event. Its application ticket is inside the album, and what’s trickier is you can’t get a whole ticket, but only half. So you must buy at least two albums to apply. And there are some albums with no ticket inside. It’s your luck. If you want to have more chances to touch the members, you buy more albums.
        This way, the groups make the first week sales record as a kpop debut group. And then their sales just flop in the second week or when the promotion event is over. But anyway, their goal is achieved. The press reports only the fact they made a record in the first week.
        Other groups are also pushed a lot (appearing on all kind s of TV ent programs and their songs tied up to animation or popular games). It’s not only SHINee.
        But I think there’s difference in class. SHINee’s promotion is very classy. Some K-shawols were even a bit worried because EMI isn’t using that kind of tricks. But I’m so grateful to whoever chose EMI for SHINee. I’d hate to see the tricks used for SHINee.

      • wow juju.. im curious. what are those tricky promotion tactics? 0_0”
        anyway, im sooo freaking glad the love Japan showed for SHINee! EMI surely seriously about promoting SHINee as Asian idol~!! 😀

      • Ahh, jujugal I think I know what group you are talking about, thanks for explaining though. I never really thought about it but I hope that the promotions that EMI used will be successful. If not then oh well, it’s not the end for them, they can keep trying. DBSK had bad promotions, and they had to struggle for a few years before they were able to achieve the success they have now in Japan. They never gave up and kept on trying. I’m glad that SHINee was able to debut with EMI instead of AVEX. One day, I hope SHINee will be able to achieve that sucess too, not only in Korea but in Japan too.

      • The situation has changed a lot since DBSK had to struggle to make it in Japan. It’s now much easier thanks to their efforts there. I’m also glad it’s not AVEX. And I believe SHINee will be able to make a bigger success in Japan 😀

      • ahhh, i understand about the tricky promotions now. thanks for the explanation juju ^^
        but, SHINee’s also have ticket application which are from the album right? or the system is a bit different?
        correct me if i’m wrong, since my engrish is not that good, i may be misunderstood it. kkkk

        btw, have you check tower records ranking charts?
        i’m so glad that SHINee (together with akb48) still manage to take the top ten even though it’s almost 2months since they open the pre-order, while other artistes just come and go, and only manage to be on top ten for a few days.
        i hope SHINee can set a new record for their JP debut.

      • I think the event is different. I don’t know exactly how many are invited to SHINee’s debut live in Abbey Roads, 50? 70? 100?
        So you will just buy an album and apply, wishing you’ll be lucky to get the invitation. It is more like a gift to some lucky fans, not really a trick to make them buy more albums.
        But with the “high-five” event, you buy more albums to get more chances to touch your stars.
        I heard that they were selling albums at the event hall, so people who touched stars can buy more albums there and go back to touch them again.
        With these events, people buy albums not for their music, but only to touch the stars.
        I’m not saying SHINee is not using any kind of promotion, but different and more classy (in my opinion) kind.

      • oohh, i understand more now, thanx juju ^^
        so in SHINee case, we just need to purchase 1 album, and then apply to get the premium reception, and the winner were chosen from lucky draw, right? like if we win lottery 😀
        it’s good to see EMI are not using that tricky tactics
        even if EMI didn’t use that kind of tactics, i can see that SHINee’s sales will still can going up.

      • I hope SHINee’s album sales will have a long run rather than making a big sale record and then flopping.
        I want to see SHINee win a fanbase with their music and performance, not with some tricks.

      • thanks juju for the explaining. i love to hear your opinion & words about all of this. im a curious fangirl of shinee, so every time this kinda issue rise..i would want to know too.
        the competition must be tough so the groups have to make that kinda tricks & i think i know what group is it. even though i dont want to put my high expectation on their sales of the 1st week but i do hope they debut at least at #2! aigooo, why why! actually i hope they debut at #1.hehe. *sigh, but i know its quite unreachable? or maybe?*juju, how your saying?

  3. EMI, I think I love you. LOL.

    But seriously, these activities and promotions just goes to show they are really serious about making SHINee Asian stars. The quality and amount of promos lined up for the boys, considering they are considered rookies in Japan, is just so awesome. I guess that EMI re-structuring that created a task force for SHINee promotions has been hard at work at the background all this time. Fighting, SHINee!

    I tell you, the anti’s and envious fandoms are gonna come out of the woodwork. We Shawols need to stick together, be classy and ignore them.

  4. Juju, I think I know what you mean “tricky” promotions^^ But if like that the sales will only boast on certain day.
    I’m actually very proud and glad about SHINee’s promotions. I’m quite satisfied. I wonder when will be their 2nd single out ?

  5. I love EMI for handling SHINee’s career with class! And I’m not too worried about their staying power because in my opinion they got in thru talent & their good looks are just icing on the cake. I see SHINee as artist rather than celebrity/star/idols.

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