[photo] Taemin with Puppy: Who Is Cuter?

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery] Click to see it big!

It looks like when he had a photoshoot for Oh Boy


7 thoughts on “[photo] Taemin with Puppy: Who Is Cuter?

  1. first picture:
    doggy: photo-op? OK. 🙂

    Second picture:
    Doggy: wait…this human looks cuter than me! How is that possible?!

    Third picture:
    Taemin: SMILE
    Doggy: … i thought i was the cute one… -.-

    LOL super lame, but sooo adorable. taemin+adorable dog…i hear squealing noona fans everywhere!

  2. goshh! taemin is cuter than the dog is. sorry doggy but taemin is just soooooooo cute >w<
    i love the dog's fur. fluffy! can i call u fluffy? keke~ taemin cute combo attack!!

  3. if i only saw this pict, i wouldn’t believe that he have done photoshoot that makes him look so hot
    so contrast comparing to the photoshoot results >,<

  4. oh ma gah? his shirt looks like the one in “Oh Boy” O.O
    this is the split persona im just LOVING hahaha…
    he can be so hot&sexy and cute&adorable when he wants too…
    aigoooo its amazing how you can flit in and out of those modes, Taem bb…
    and dog, sorry Taemin is cuter haha XD

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