[info] SHINee Japan Debut Single Promotion in Sibuya

[Cr as tagged | Source: DC]

It is installed on 109 Men’s building in Sibuya. The day is coming up!


4 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Japan Debut Single Promotion in Sibuya

  1. I got really excited for the boys when I saw their billboard being put up. It just seems more real now that it’s just 2 weeks away.

    Saw pics of the boys at Haneda airport. Must be prepping for London showcase. They’re so busy but it’s tough to complain about it knowing they are given opportunities only others dream of. I can’t get over the fact that SHINee will be the first Asians to perform at Abbey Road. They are truly pioneers in their own right.

    • you got the point. they are going to japan straight from paris. i also cant believe how busy they are. but come to think about it, they got many events to attend to. when is vmaj mtv concert again? feel like they got too many events,i cant even remember it well. lol. like u said, the preparation for abbey road studio also important. how awesome are they since emi put shinee among the legend in music to perform there? emi surely treat our shinee the best! 🙂
      i really anticipate their japanese debut seriously. i even feel nervous for them. cant believe 8 more days to go! ^^

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