[fancam] 2nd Round SM Town Live in Paris

Taemin-focused Lucifer. Taemin in a different hair style. Awesome!

Up by unmirror|ย Dance Battle full version.

To see more fancams…

Juliette full ver. rongike, you had a seat so close to the stage. Thank you~

Up by unmirror | Taemin-focused ending. A must-see. Taemin wearing yellow glasses, so cute~ 2min moment too ๐Ÿ™‚

Up by temp0rary89 | Ready or Not – You can see Taemin tease fans ๐Ÿ™‚

Up by lolapyrate | Taemin takes off his jacket at the end -0-

By AppelYINce – Amigo rock version. Close-up.

Up by crushonew | Onew-focused Stand by Me


19 thoughts on “[fancam] 2nd Round SM Town Live in Paris

  1. Rongike and Juju, thank you very muchh for sharing these beautiful videos <333

    Juju, I don't know if this appropriate enough to put in here. But I'm really curious. Do you know the story about "that" B2ST coordi noona ? Nah, SHINee is involved in that story. I don't really think that's true though. It seems like the story was made up but people said that people on naver have been talking about this and I wonder if this true or not. I wonder if you know…..maybe ?

    • No, I don’t know about it. It’s not really spread out, maybe. Why do we see all these stories made up to involve SHINee with Beast? What do they want to prove? (shaking head) Believe me it IS made up. (I’m trying not to say too much here).

      • I heard of the ‘ten minute’ thing. It’s totally made up by some beauties. I think there are some ‘drama queen’ fans among them. They continuously try to make up stories involving shawols. As far as I know, shawols just ignore those made-up stories. (shaking head again).

      • @juju : wow seriously? why beauties made up stories involving shawols? im not a fan of beast anyway but why, is there any jealousy going on? ><
        im not anti of any groups but some of this group's fans really annoyed me.
        hope no one will believe this rumor. i dont want this rumor to pass down coz it's humiliating to jjong even though it is just rumor.

      • that’s true, its a humiliation for JJong, but i think those stories are not true.
        we never heard it from any k-shawols before, if it really happened, it must be spreading around shawols, and we must be the one who knew it, not those beauties =.=”
        i think i know why some of them keep involving SHINee and shawols, (but this is just my speculations, and i’m not an anti of any of them, just make up what i think) i heard that beast will be start and active their activities at JP around june 19th, that’s around SHINee’s debut.
        so i think it has something todo with it
        so they keep on made up stories to make SHINee look bad?!?! (i don’t know what to say about this)
        i hope they stop doing this kind of things, for now, i will not doing anything and just ignore it
        i don’t want to look bad as a shawols ^^

      • I have lots to say about it, but won’t. Just this: Beast or beauties, they are 1 billion light years away from my area of interest. They come and go. Others will come and again go.

      • @thedollz : it’s really not cool to spread this anyway. bcoz somehow this rumor will pass down if we keep talking about this. so we better stop this rumor from spreading. totally right! why we shawols never heard of it first of all? why from beauties?
        @juju : sigh. u know, i never hate beast before but since i read some thread about comparing shinee & beast..beauties really made me cant accept beast anymore. beauties are talking how their daum fanclub ranking can pass shinee & that’s the proof beast is more popular than shinee. i got more actually of what they’ve said about shinee members but i dont want to start a raging here. or maybe some of shawols here are beast fans.

      • Shawols totally don’t care about them. It’s not only shawols. No one buys it at least on Korean portals. If someone makes such an argument there, they’ll be laughed at there. Believe me. If they are really popular, fans don’t have to do that, you know what I mean? These days, SHINee has become something like a standard of success, so all these groups try to imitate or make comparisons with SHINee. And now with signs of success even in Japan, we will see more of this. Well, if that’s what we have to bear as fans, then, let’s take it with grace. (Sorry to those of you who are fans of both, but I didn’t say anything bad about beast, and I have nothing against them).

      • yess, i’m totally agree with you two.
        i also heard about that daum ranking too, if they want to compare, i have so much to say and compare (if you know what i mean), but i won’t, i don’t want to cause any fanwar. (and i’m not beast antis for sure, but also not a fans)
        i hope they will stop involving SHINee.

        plus to add on juju comments, can we say that now “SHInee is also success in Europe”?!?! kkkk we almost there.
        like juju said, we will see more something like this, so we must stay strong and support SHINee ^^

      • i agree with you. im so sorry for beast fans also. m(_._)m
        as i said, im not hating beast.
        oh well, shinee is making its way to success!
        i also have that thought. have alot to say but i stop that feeling coz i dont want shinee to look bad bcoz of me. i also saw shawols mostly ignore any hateful comments. but the haters kinda bombarded us with lame hate or something. *wow im too hyperbola*
        hope shinee will do great in japan. * even though i always thought they are doing awesome in japan* their popularity is no joke. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hi Juju,
        I hope those who got concerned about that coordinator rumor started by cray-cray Beast fans get to read this apology from the sane Beast fans.

        About the rumor concerning Beastโ€™s coordinator:

        The fandom’s got seriously cray-cray fans these days & some intrude too much on the member’s privacy that I actually feel bad for Beast members. I just wish the CRAZY would stop and that they stop dragging SHINee & Shawols thru the crazy.

      • The rumor is even showing up on DC and other portals with fans who heard of it through their overseas friends asking, what this is all about, to irritate k-shawols. I’m surprised some overseas fans are so easily swayed by such nonsense crazy rumors. I was wondering whether I should post a comment on it.

  2. i was in the 2nd row, i had a really expensive ticket with goodies, had trouble gettin tickets for the second day… the goodies were just 2 towels and photos of ur group of choice, naturally i chose shinee ๐Ÿ˜€
    but there was an insane heechul fan in front of me who kept raising her sign sooooo high making fancamming and well seeing things quite difficult.. well only things with heechul but i wanted to see those things too! i was pretty much surrounded by elfs but there was one girl who kept screaming taemin behind me so that made me feel not totally alone ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Oh, I see. I guessed you must have got a seat that close. Thank you so much for your fancams. How were our boys? and Taemin? ๐Ÿ™‚ He looked exhausted on your dance battle fancam. I saw someone’s comment on youtube that it was like a SHINee concert with loudest fanchants. We are all so biased ๐Ÿ˜€

    • you were so lucky fan who looked our boys that close =^^=
      thank you for your fancam, XD
      and nice to know you ^^
      anyway, there’s no “Jo Jo” or “Forever or Never”? I expected these songs to be performed so much XD

      • It’s been a long to hear them sing Jojo or the other song. Not even in their concert. I think there are lots of fans missing their performance of these songs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Yup…I’m Hopping They Sang A Bodyguard Song 2…But Anywhere..To See Them Happy n Healthy Makes Me Feel Happy (^_^)

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