[TV] Jonghyun’s Left-Handed @ KBS Immortal Song2

Jonghyun made the stage meaningful by performing with his high school friends.

This is Jonghyun’s high note part that was edited out. After this, he jumps into the audience to perform with them. I don’t know what the pd is thinking…

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Someone posted this full version at DC. It’s a must-listen. Amazing. Well recorded. T.T

This is Boohwal’s song Jonghyun will sing next week.

A short preview clip of Jonghyun practicing Lonely Night. Only 5 sec of him 😦


16 thoughts on “[TV] Jonghyun’s Left-Handed @ KBS Immortal Song2

  1. terrible editing 😦 but i’m so glad he’s having fun with this, that’s so wonderful. thanks for the translations!

  2. I love Jonghyun even more when he performs. He’s one of those people who really just lets go of all inhibitions and has a good time. I don’t know many people who would have performed the way he did because they are too self-conscience. Lol.

  3. Everyone on that show hates Jonghyun. Seriously. He gets no BTS airtime, they always choose the worst possible clips for the show preview, and it feels like he tries his best but never really gets a reaction out of anyone.

  4. Thank you for subbing T_T ……this is one of my most treasured performances of Jonghyun. I am amazed by his curiosity to try out new genres, he actually challenges himself. But it’s too bad some people don’t see his charm, instead they bash him and say stuff like “he’s terrible. He screams too much. He tries too hard. He’s cocky. He thinks he’s all that.” Like really, I’m sick of people picking on this guy who genuinely LOVES music to the core his heart and actually bothers to take risks, go out his way to enjoy himself. He does what he WANTS to. He does what’s MEANINGFUL to him, not just what others want to hear. Sorry, I’m just a little upset right now.

    It’s nice that his fellow contestants voted for him, I wish him the best next week since it’s his last episode TT_TT oh and I can’t believe they cut out that part…wow….it’s one of the best moments…..idek what IMS2 PD has running through his head. He’s already made quite a few mistakes.

  5. i feel really bad for jonghyun..when he sang gwiro people said he wanted to show off. When he sang rock song, they said he screamed too much. i think no one dare to sing a rock song in this kind of battle. plus, something that bugged me till now…why fate always bring us battle btw brothers, jonghyun n yesung??? i have seen lots of hateful remarks from ELFs towards jonghyun lately…it saddened me, cause i love both… T.T

  6. I was so happy to see Jonghyun win before he leaves the show. He was really, really good and you can tell he had so much fun with the song. I hope SHINee does a rock song for their next Korean album. Now that will be something else.

  7. The full version of the song you posted is alot better… I personally think the pd dont like jonghyun.. I mean how can they cut a perfect version of the song to something very SHORT. and INCOMPLETE… I’m so disappointed of the pd.. hope they wont do that again for next episode…

  8. That high note is perfect, how come they edited it out?D:
    I feel like the pd wanted to leave the viewer an impression that Jjong’s performance was just a screaming mess ><
    Anw, I enjoy his song. He's so lively and enthusiastic there. Oh, and I also listened to the original version, he totally bring a fresh feeling to the song!

  9. OMG lol! So that’s why everyone had this WTF look on their faces near the end of his song! “I have a confession…i’m..i’m…BOTH HANDED!1!!” lmao count on him to make sure his stages are always interesting XD

    honestly I intally felt that his voice wasn’t best suited for a song like this but I’ve reconsider that opinion after listening to the song again. As far as rock goes I think his voice will be best suited for stronger, heavier sounds but he did well w/ this song…rly well :3 I definitely want Shinee to try rock music someday! (but not soft or pop-rock…alt-rock) For all it’s worth I really i’m sad to see Jjong leave the show so soon. there’s no doubt Jjong enjoys being on the show & I really enjoy watching his performances. I like the how he calls upon old friends to help him & the amount of though he seems to puts into his stages. Jjong is a good kid, self confident, passionate & very down to earth.

    I will skip complaining about the editing & express my curiosity over the full ver. you got from DC. It’s doesn’t sound like it was recorded from the version broadcaster on TV tbh…it’s sounds like a studio recording :3 (theirs no sounds of clapping & the dialog at the beginning seems different)…i wish someone had recorded the full vers of him singing “a million roses” ;___; I remain pissed at how they edited it for the TV broadcast….

    • The guy who shared it at DC said he got it from one of Jjong’s friends who performed on the stage. I think it’s possible this is a studio version It could be a recording made by the friend while practicing together. The friends might be upset after watching the program. Anyway from this we can guess how much has been edited out though. Fans are suspecting the pd might be doing this because Jonghyun is leaving early.

  10. ok..that was an outstanding performance by jjong. 0_0”
    it’s really weird why the pd need to cut out that part. i dont really understand too.
    are the pd thinking jjong is at another level from the other idols, so that they cut the amazing part of it? ><
    this is really upsetting though. hope jjong see this & dont get too upset about this. ;(
    he seems to enjoy on stage to the fullest!

  11. First off, thank you so much for subbing the song and the intro segment! I love how he keeps bringing his friends onto the show to help him (I saw that his friend who played the piano in the first episode was in the van with him when the show was over. Does she even have a name? Haha).

    The lyrics were really special and Jjong’s description of it was spot on! I think the whole idol thing is what being left-handed was like a couple of decades ago. Not exactly taboo, but still something people “should” stay away from/not be.

    The PD clearly didn’t get his job based on his editing skills.

    Oh, and is it OK if I share the studio version of Jjong’s song? I saw that you have it unlisted.

    • Her name is Sojin. I like that Jonghyun still has a close relationship with his old friends even after he’s become a big idol star. It shows his personality. I turned it back to public. I think it’s OK because I found out it’s not a studio version but a recording made by one of Jjong’s friends during a practicing time. Btw, I also added a subbed cut of Jonghyun’s talk about why he chose Lonely Night. Check it out! (See Treasure page)

      • i just saw the video cut. thanks juju~ i cant wait to hear him sing lonely night. it looks so exciting seriously!^^

      • It’s nice that he brings them on also because he never really talked much about his pre-debut days or about his band in general, so I really think his goal on this show is to really show who he is!

        Oh so it isn’t a studio recording? His voice is so clear I assumd it was πŸ˜›
        I’ll watch it immediately! Thank you~

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