[info] Immortal Song Jonghyun Hot Search Word on Internet Portals

“Jonghyun left-handed 1st place” and “Immortal Song Jonghyun 1st place” are hot search words on Naver and Daum. “Jonghyun left-handed 1st place” is ranked 2nd on Naver’s hot topic keyword list .

Whatever the PD is doing, it will come back to him like a boomerang. He doesn’t know what he is losing. I hear non-fan people are noticing Jonghyun.


23 thoughts on “[info] Immortal Song Jonghyun Hot Search Word on Internet Portals

    • I mean the pd. He should show the best to attract people, but what he’s doing is cutting off the best and most exciting to level it down. Or he just doesn’t have a sense of what works. People are already starting to lose interest and see this program negatively.

  1. I hope fans upload the full version of his performance on community sites…so people can see the mistake PD made in editing it out :/ The full version is seriously much better than what was aired …

    I’m really happy to see that people are interested in Jonghyun. If this show can help him gain new fans then i think it would be huge gain πŸ™‚

    • Probably not because of copyright issues Someone posted it on an online site, so lots of people will listen to the full version. The edited high note part has been posted on some sites, and people wonder how come they can edit the highlight out. It’s a shame a music program pd does that. They are such an ass.

  2. It doesn’t look like anyone else from the show is on the top 10 (lol with my limited korean reading skillz). It’s nearly impossible not to notice Jonghyun after that explosive performance. Whether you loved it or hated it, he went for it.

  3. k srsly that note was definitely NOT something worth editing out!!
    even non shawols can see how amazing that SINGLE note was!
    aish PD-nim please be smarter as you edit/produce the next episode. It’s the last performance for A LOT of the original contestants, please do them some justice…

    on a side note. forgive me, it might be a stupid question…but why is it called jonghyun’s ‘left handed note?’…is it because he’s…left…handed? 0.0

  4. is this a.. good thing or a bad thing? lol because I watched the performance and idk how to feel about it lol he was very energetic.. almost too energetic. I was happy to see that he was having fun though.

  5. This is good. I was a bit saddened to read some of the comments re Jonghyun’s performance in another site. I understood then hey paprii was so upset. This should quiet down the detractors hopefully. Fighting Jonghyun!

    • me too. what is more saddening is that some shawols(they stated they are shinee fans) do admit jjong perf was the worst among others! & the other fans are all agree to it ofcoz. sigh~

      jjong is gaining interests from many people. ^^

      • I don’t believe someone is a shawol when she acts like an anti. Your action says more clearly than your words! Is it that girl on soompi who is still spreading her theory about Taemin’s nose on every youtube? Why is she doing it if she is a Taem stan? Someone mentioned it at DC today after seeing such comments on youtube. She was very upset.

      • juju, she admit she’s a shinee fan. but what is humiliating is that, all of other group fans can read that too. she admit in one of immortal masterpiece article. nope, i dont think so she the same person but i do feel lately someone is plotting to take shinee down or something. ><
        & i gotta say this… we are gaining some anti from elfs since immortal masterpiece 2! i really dont want this anti between the same company but i guess, it cant be avoided.

      • It was anticipated, but still sad. Yesung and Jonghyun get along so well on the program, and why can’t we fans do so?

      • right i agree. sigh. πŸ˜‰
        some said jonghyun doesnt deserve to win because most of the time he keeps screaming, not singing. ok whatever! that’s not going to change the fact jonghyun’s won it. sorry im being bitchy here. ><

      • I’m not familiar with the site. I couldn’t find the post. When I read such comments, I’d get to see what stance that person has towards these ent issues, rather than what they are saying. It’s interesting to see those comments that way, you know, how they reveal their own interests, views, or prejudices, etc.

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