[TV] SHINee Lucifer @ 2011 Dream Concert

Minho’s rap part and Jonghyun’s high note part were cut off 😦


13 thoughts on “[TV] SHINee Lucifer @ 2011 Dream Concert

  1. Why, KBS, WHY?! A lot of groups got cut and I had hoped that they’d stay away from SHINee since they were among the senior groups. The fact that groups that debuted later than SHINee didn’t get their performances cut bugs the hell out of me!

    • It might be because there are 3 sm groups? and DBSK did 2 songs, right? SHINee is always getting this disadvantage because they are a junior group in sm. Fans are very upset.

      • In a normal world I would agree with you but KBS didn’t cut f(x)’ performance :/ I hope like someone said in the comments that they make it big in Japan. That’ll show the broadcasting stations who they’re messing with 😛 It’s to the point it’s ridiculous, really.

      • I kinda get why DBSK got as much air time but compared to the other artists it is kinda excessive, but still understandable in a way. I’m more butt hurt about the fact that SINee got less air time than their hoobaes. Maybe because SHINee did a dance intro? Still, it would ridiculous if they cut the long note and the rap for 20 sec.

      • SM is pushing DBSK since their come back to make up for their break-up. But it’s kinda too much even considering that.

    • I wasn’t expecting to see Hello. That was a bonus song for those people who came to the stadium. Then, they should show Lucifer in full. And even that… And we know how they treat our SHINee on TV (sigh). SHINee should make a big success in Japan.

  2. sigh. this..well..i do feel quite dissapointed they cut minho rap & onew long note i believe.
    SHINee all the way!! x)

  3. Minho’s Rap and Jonghyun’s high note….wow and how is it fair that BEAST Secret T-ara 2pm Afterschool all had more time than SHINee? Aren’t they all hoobaes to SHINee? Not to mention that SHINee had the most dedicated fans with the most number of banners at DC. AND they were announced as a last minute artist…..and yet so many fans attended. Call me butthurt but it’s not okay for me.

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