[info] SHINee’s Next Single in Japan?

[Source: twitter]

SHINee may sing Juliet in their live at the Abbey Road Studios!

Like SNSD, SHINee will likely have Japanese versions of their Korean songs released and then come back with a new song in Korea?



12 thoughts on “[info] SHINee’s Next Single in Japan?

  1. So.. there’s going to be Juliete, Replay and Hello in Japanese? xD I wonder how many songs they will remake.. and when will they start making new songs in actual japanese c: I hope they do release new songs in Korea though.. as much as I like remakes, I also want to see new sides of SHINee ❤

  2. I WANT NEW SONGS ;____________;
    the only song i actually really wanna hear in japanese is lucifer
    omg that would sound daebak
    but either way, i love my boys 😀

  3. When you compare with what SNSD did, I think they will do something similiar.

    They had Gee, Genie, and Run Devil Run japanese versions (all had MVs). Then Mr. Taxi (original japanese song with video), then they had a japanese album. im not sure there has been much talk of snsd having korean comeback yet. i think shinee will be something like this if they do well in japan too

      • Oh, so Hoot was in between? I thought all that happened in succession lol. It’d be cool if they could have a Korean comeback, but not holding my breath.

  4. This will mean they will have 4 of their songs in Japanese right away. EMI sure work fast. At this rate, I bet they already have a new song in Nihonggo in progress too. With 4 Japanese songs already, it looks like they have almost half an album.

      • They’ve been singing the Jap version of Stand By Me in live perf so they can easily record it for an album. With Juliette, they’ll have 4 remakes already. If Juliette is released as a single, I wonder if it’s for a-side or b & it’s partner song.

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