[fancam] SHINee in SM Town Live in Paris

[Up by unmirror] A close-up view. Rongike, thank you so much for this~ Love you!

[Up by missmakyu] Finally, a good fancam of Taemin’s dance break. He has this amazing stage presence!

To see more fancams…

[Up by JanDiSeta] – A 15-minute fancam of Stand by Me, Replay, Get Down, Juliette. Side view but very close.

[up by deathberry1459] SHINee greeting fans with subs and Replay

[Up by LeeHyunni] – Replay up front and close-up

[Up by JanDiSeta] – RDD with a dance bridge! Wow, fans’ chant is so loud here.

[Cr to crush on you] – Onew-focused RDD dance bridge

[Up by hinata77230]  – Get Down

[Cr to Onew Style | Up by leejingee] Cute leader~

[Up by mintucola] – Juliette, close-up

[Up by jucalg] – Juliette, up front close-up and minho-focused

[Up by tombuckchannel] – You can hear audience do fan chants to Lucifer. It’s like they are in SHINee’s solo concert! Amazing. You get a closer view at the end.

[Up by SillyFrench14] – Lucifer full ver.

[Cr to The Shinging Club | Up by PeterlVofU] – Onew, Nessun Dorma, T.T so beautiful

[Up by panicandbliss] – Ready or Not, Onew Sangtae and close up; also watch her upload of Lucifer with a close-up of their flying

[Up by mintucola] – Ready or Not and part of Amigo

[Up by Charmheeleong] – Hello, fans singing along

[Up by tombuckchannel] – Minho & Key, A yo

[Cr to intaemin] – Taemin makes a mistake during dance break and smiles so cute

[Cr to The Shining Club | Up by PetervofU] – Ending

– Minho’s ending kiss ❤

– To be updated with more…


12 thoughts on “[fancam] SHINee in SM Town Live in Paris

  1. jujugal add SHINee – Ring Ding Dong. Gosh, Taemin looked amazing here. His dance solo was hot ^^

      • We were doing the same thing at the same time 😀 Don’t be sorry! I added your link to RDD. I’m now hoping someone will post Taemin’s dance time with Eunhyuk.

  2. Not Taemin focused but you can see Taemin dancing. He enters with Eunhyuk and dances next to him, he’s on the left.

  3. omg, thanks so much for these links, it would be hard for us to find all fc of Shinee pef. so your post is super helpful. :X proud to be Shawol!

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