[photo] SHINee Doing Rehearsal

[Source: www.facebook.com/smtown]

Hmm… I want to have a serious talk with the facebook staff. We need more Onew!

20 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee Doing Rehearsal

  1. What the hell is wrong with the facebook photog? Onew may not be a fashionista but he’s darn well handsome just the way he is. HE IS ONE OF YOUR BEST SINGERS AND THE LEADER instead just existing as eye-candy. I’M SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF!

    • The page is not for fashionistas. It’s to deliver news and photos of SM artists to fans as fast as possible. I want to know what whoever does this is thinking!

  2. Seriously I am so pissed. Can someone write comments on Facebook to make our sentiments known? I don’t have Facebook (or refuse to have one) so I cannot comment on the SMTown page.

      • I think they would skim thru the comments to get a feel of the fans feedback. The whole point of this FB page is so that they can gauge each group and member’s popularity and in which geographic areas. The FB page is just another smart move from SM. I work in Mktg – I am pretty sure SM will be segmenting the feedback they get. Which is why, Onew fans & MVPs had better unite and make their dissatisfaction with the photog’s work so far. I appreciate all the BTS and sightseeing scenes. But they should at least distribute it equally among the members, esp the popular ones. Everyone’s had a solo except Onew. I want my Onew pics!!!! (LMAO i sound so childish. but seriously, im so pissed on his behalf & Onew probably does not care.)

      • I didn’t think about that. I thought the staff wanted to post photos of stars in fashionable looks because the page has just been opened. I wanted to point out that’s quite a wrong mindset. If they don’t even give a chance to Onew, how can they get the right feedback from fans? And I don’t want to see fans compete to show how popular their stars are on the page. Is that what SM wants? I bet Onew doesn’t care.

    • wow u sound so smart!!!!!! yeah i agree with your reply to juju!!!! but what is MORE weird is that you dont have facebook but telling people to do all of this thing..

  3. lol these photos actually aren’t from the smtown facebook.. at least it’s not on there right now so I’m not sure where fans got them from?

  4. I thought we all know that Onew isn’t the photo-whore type?? He doesn’t really take much selcas either. I’m not surprised at all that hes not in many pics. He isn’t the type to enjoy standing out. As a MVP myself, I don’t really care if hes in many pics or not, just want him to enjoy the trip and concert as much as he could.

    • I know he’s not a cam-whore – partly why I love him and why I know he probably doesn’t care or have even noticed the lack of Onew in FB.

      I’m complaining for my own personal reasons…LOL…because I want to see pics of him in Paris hopefully having a blast. They rarely get some time off and yet now, he’s in the most romantic city in the world. I want proof (aka pics) that he’s enjoying it to the fullest. See? All of my logic is centered on me and not Onew. Pics or not, I do hope he’s having fun.

      • I’m sure he doesn’t care at all if his pics are on FB or not. Even if there are 0 pics of him, he won’t complain either. He’s just that kinda person, isn’t he? hahahaha 😉

      • lol it’s like onew is hiding from the camera or the cameramen is biased. lol. lately i guess onew is kinda quiet for me. he’s been so reserved i guess. i love him so much anyway. >w<

      • Actually my impression has been Onew is kinda lying low now taking sorta break and sidestepping to give the limelight to others. So I have kept this to myself, but it was too much noticeably lopsided on FB and I just blew up. It’s all about fans’ unsatiable wish to see him, not about Onew.

    • kekeke of course i AGREE MORE with you. if you really a fan of onew.. u must know his personality really well. beside i think onew will do great and have fun there.. he’s just like that.. maybe the staff knows him well too thats why they dont take pics of him that much.. ^^

  5. Well, every members have/had their fare share in the lime light. When SHINee first debuted it was Jonghyun and Taemin. During the amigo time, it was Key and Onew IIRC. Juliette was Minho. Lucifer was Taemin and Onew again. Remember when nobody gives a shit about Minho? He even talked about going into a slump on OMS…

    Maybe Onew just doesn’t take that many pictures as to other members while in Paris. And would he care? I don’t think so… Let’s just wait. They’ve only arrived. I’m sure more photos will show up. No need to rage so much over who gets more photos. I’m satisfied enough they get their own album in the facebook page. Shows their popularity.

  6. poor onew, onew should learn how to use camera detection from key (?) kidding. Don’t be so angry, shawol, it’s a human error (can’t be helped), maybe one of MVP should tell the staff so they can fix their mistake or forgetfullness ^^v (may be I will try to leave comment about this, just let’s see how do they respond my comment ^^)

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