[music] Onew & Taemin, Happy Me

[Cut Cr to marmalade@bestiz | Trans & sub by jujugal]

– A fan recorded it. I’m so grateful for this full version. After I listened to it, it has lingered on my ears. I look forward to the day we’ll see their duet song on their album.

– To download mp3, click here: Happy Me

– Onew and Taemin sang this song at tennis player Yu Seungmin’s wedding on 29 May. Originally Kangta (H.O.T) was invited to sing, but because of his schedule, he couldn’t and recommended SHINee.


4 thoughts on “[music] Onew & Taemin, Happy Me

  1. Thank Juju…You Make My Day…Love To Hear Their Voice…Damn i Miss Them So Much…Lucky Fance’s Fan…

  2. juju, when was this mp.3 recorded? what event? sorry if I get lost and feels like delirium, keke.
    Anyway, why I feel like heard Jonghyun’s voice in the middle of song? Or maybe I should check up my ears to ENT or maybe Taemin’s voice are truly like Jjong’s XD

    • I’ll add info on the post. I think their voices are different. Both of them can go high, and in a certain range sound similar. But only in that range. I hear some people say Taemin sounds like Jaejoong or Jonghyun. But to me, it’s only in some parts. Taemin has his own unique voice color 🙂

  3. yeah, I think his voice is much smoother than Jonghyun’s XD
    but sometimes I can’t differentiate them (especially when Jjong uses his lower pitch) ^^
    thanks juju for the information ^^

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