[photo/fancam] SHINee Arrives in Paris @ Airport

To see more photos, go to http://www.facebook.com/smtown!

[Cr to YayaoNatsu] You see shawol balloon and fan lights 🙂

[Cr to laidiestacy] You can see them waving to fans here.

[Cr to Dicny] A good look of each member in slow motion.

To see more fancams…

[Cr to http://www.crushon-you.com | Up by a4116995] We got a few seconds of Onew here!

[Cr to noix5takumi; museelo; MymyFan2TH; ClaashBoomPower; m0rphinexc0re]

How much they love those fangirling moments screaming and screaming 😀


14 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee Arrives in Paris @ Airport

  1. wow thats a lot of people, dont regret staying in disneyland until closing instead of spending 1.5h on trains rushing there to maaaybe see them for a second through the crowd >.<
    (first time in paris :D) yesterday i may have been in the airport waiting to get my weekly transport ticket while snsd arrived but didnt see anything…
    tomorrow im going sightseeing, keeping an eye on everyone around me!!!

    • Hope you can catch SHINee sightseeing. Are you going to the concert? If so, I envy you so much. I think the airport wasn’t this much crowded yesterday when SNSD arrived. Even for a second of them, I believe the fans just loved being there.

      • yes that’s why im here for a week (from my town there only a flight once a week, so me and my friend decided to just stay here that long, and do tourist stuff on other days..) im going to both concerts! first day i have a standing place so ill just enjoy it all, maybe take a few pics, and the second day i have a seat and ill see if i manage to make some fancams myself 😀

      • Wow! Both rounds!!! You are so lucky. Please share your fancams and fan accounts when you manage to do get some. As in the L.A.concert, SM might allow fans to take fancams and photos. You’re one of the luckiest shawols for this week.

  2. Excited for rongike!

    But does the smtown Facebook photog hate Onew or something? Where are his pics, man? I wanna see pics if Onew sightseeing in Paris – haha.

      • LOL @ your description…’crazy presence’. I guess his shorts did create a commotion. People were looking for him even in other people’s photo. HAHA

  3. I couldn’t finish watching all of them LOL. The squealing was driving me insane D: I’m surprised so many fans were in the airport o_o I wish I was from Europe ;_; then I would have been there :’D muahaha ~

  4. OMG LOL even if im not there, i can feel the fangirls’ excitement within me haha… when SHINee came out, i wanted to scream too XD… ahhhhhhh fangirls are so intense XD… i TOTALLY bet that i’d be acting like that or worst if i saw SHINee hahahaha

  5. OMG OMG! im putting myself there as the fancammer. lol. i was literally screaming too. i got goosebump myself either. xDD
    i just cant! i guess SHINee will go sightseeing today, maybe after the rehearsal or something. that would be the luckiest shawol ever if they bump into SHINee. gyaaaaa!! *fangirl scream* excuse me my fangirl mode ON.
    back to normal now. cant wait for tomorrow. 😉

    & oh btw, dont forget to catch Dream Concert tomorrow at KBS2 or KBSWorld, 23:10KST
    for KBS2 channel : http://minsarang.wordpress.com/how-to-watch-korean-tv-live/ ( Choose Option 5, thx)
    the blog is not mine. im just sharing.

      • why? ;(
        i tell you, its not slow at all. i dont think my internet connection is fast, but the streaming is awesome. i could watch without stuck. 😀
        stream through ustream or kpopflash does stuck for me anyway. 😀

      • Internet explorer is sooooo slow on my computer. I use Chrome or Firefox these days. On the page, the direction says I should use explorer. Too bad.

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