6 thoughts on “[photo] Minho at Basketball Court with Sangchu

  1. i know a lot of fans commplain about his headband. But i love him like that. I like the messy, childish, naughty side of him. As Tae bb said “he’s cute the way he trying so hard to be mature”. It proves that inside his mature image, he’s just a baby, nothing more, nothing less.
    on the other hand, i would like to buy him a better headband 🙂

    • aw, i forgot one thing. Seeing a pic like this is totally good for my health, way better than some “more than friendly” pics he posed with Suzy >.<

  2. why? i like him wearing it. so cute! hairband is a fashion right now. seriously i love it alot. 😉

  3. There are people who negatively comment on those hair band? Hhaha. Funny. I liked it. I agreed with Tiffi’s comment. Minho is such a baby. Anyway, I guess Minho grew taller again. Last time he was in DT, he was a bit shorter than Sangchu. Now, he’s taller.

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