[magazine] SHINee on Hanako

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr] Click to see it big!

Thank you, Tonghyun, for all your hard work! I love SHINee’s styles on this magazine.

To see more scans…

[Cr to Tonghyun@tumblr] Click to see the scans big!

Taemin in short pants T.T Who seated him there? I want to see his legs in full!


9 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee on Hanako

  1. Taemin’s outfit is so different from the rest @_@ His legs look sooo slim :O and Onew looks so slim in the last picture ~~

  2. All their solos are very good – i liked this shoot a lot, with Taemin and Onew being my favorites. They all looked so preppy.

    I hope someone translates the article soon. It’s too bad though – the questions they get asked are the same over and over. I guess because it’s considered a debut. But too bad because their individual personalities are not shining through.

  3. they so gorgeous as ever! >w<
    well, im a happy shawol seeing a new pose & pic everyday like this. im just happy. 😉
    their debut really is a big step. japan take them as one of theirs i believe. japan loves shinee! ^^

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