[info] SHINee Replay Limited Premium Edition Sold Out on HMV

[Source: http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/]


I don’t know what to say… wondering how many first press edition copies they made and distributed… 0,0

Edit: it has been restocked now!

13 thoughts on “[info] SHINee Replay Limited Premium Edition Sold Out on HMV

  1. Whoa, not only did it get sold out on Amazon Japan, now HMV too? This is all too good! How much do you think they are going to be able to sell jujugal? I don’t want to sound too ambitious but I would really like to know what you think about all this. XD

    • I have my own ambitious guess, but I dare not take it out of mouth, you know, we have this superstitious feeling against doing so >.< I'm trying to pull down my soaring expectations.

  2. Oh Wow! Amazon and HMV sold-out the premium edition. Good thing I ordered my CDs the first week of pre-sale.

    I hope this translates to good things for the boys’ debut… and that EMI is fast-tracking additional production of the CDs. It would be good if the sales are high even up to the succeeding weeks, not just week 1. For other artists, this was the case. The only ones who has bucked this trend is Kara and SNSD but then they’ve both worked in Japan for months (almost a year?) now.

    • Is this a sign the single is selling beyond their estimation? How come it can be sold out already still about 2 weeks before its release? I hope this will lead to M-station’s invitation of SHINee. This is my ambition 🙂

    • I ordered mine from CD Japan. I hope that Shinee’s Japanese reps know about the fact that they are sold out in some places and re-stock.

      Like Juju, I wonder exactly how many copies were distributed. If it wasn’t a large number then we will be disappointed when sales aren’t as stellar. So I’m trying to keep a good head about this!~

  3. :O BOTH HMV and Amazon?!~ whaa… our boys are truly truly amazing..
    but im curious…what will happen to their sales then? if fans are unable to preorder, would that disrupt their pre-order sales??

    seems like our boys are already making a big splash BEFORE they even debut.

      • I just check Amazon again to see if they had restocked or not, and it turns out it they didn’t. I guess that’s why people started going to HMV to buy. I wonder where else they are going to go to buy the album if both HMV and Amazon are sold out now. I hope they buy from a place that will counts towards Oricon.

  4. this is great!^^ but as you all mention..this is a bit made me worried though. how many exactly they put for pre order?
    cdjapan is ok but the shipping is expensive. i order mine from my friend. she’s going to japan next weekend.
    even though i have high expectation for their sales but i need to keep calm about this. dont want to sound greedy or something. 😉

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