[photo/fancam] SHINee Leaving for Paris 110608

[Cr to heart mind and soul | Up by MrDinglePoppies@youtube]

[Cr to rainbow | Up by viviontokki] Onew hugging his bag cutely

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16 thoughts on “[photo/fancam] SHINee Leaving for Paris 110608

  1. SHINee, have a safe journey. hope u enjoy the trip over there. im sure you guys know paris is a romantic town. keke. so maybe jjong will propose to key? minho propose to taemin? lololol. jk jk. xDD

  2. OMG OMG OMG I screamed when i saw the pics. LMAO… Onew in shorts, Onew in shorts, Onew in shorts. Such a rare sighting. After wearing long-sleeves/blazers/jackets for the longest time, he comes out in a white shirt and shorts.

    Onew looks so handsome in white. The boys looked good and comfy. It’s a long flight and they take on an additional 7 hrs (I think) as Seoul is ahead of Paris by that much. June 8th is gonna be a long day for the boys. I hope they get to do sight seeing as I am sure they will leave Paris right after the 10th for MTV Live Fukuoka.

    • I hope they sleep the entire flight! I saw on a news site with these airport photos, a quote from Jonghyun saying “피곤해요~” meaning “I’m tired~” so I hope they take advantage of the long airplane ride

      • Oh, they’re made up? Can’t trust anyone then! lol.
        Yeah, it should be made up now I think. They don’t talk to reporters really when they go to the airport.

      • LMAO… yes, Onew’s legs are “precious”. The ‘onthighs’ are quite famous though it remains well-hidden to this day. LOL.

        That photo of Minho with Onew in the background….all I see are ONEW’s precious LEGS.

      • You’re not the only one. Today fans find Onew’s “crazy presence” on every photo, haha. Even when he got caught small on other photos, somehow he is grabbing people’s attention today 😀

  3. I love how Onew looks like he’s going on a holiday and not for work. He really looks good and extra handsome in white… ~~, & precious legs indeed ^^

  4. onew looks so bright & young here.
    jongkey really know how to grab attention.
    2min.. simple but hot.
    me HEART these pics.

    owh… i want key’s jacket for myself

  5. I dunno how Onew managed to look like a kid next to Taemin!
    His precious legs! Ommo. He should wear something like this more often.
    I always love Onew’s airport fashion. It’s simple and comfy yet attractive!

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