[news] SM Entertainment’s Plan for Overseas Markets

From an interview with Kim Youngmin, SM Entertainment deputy

— What plan does SM have for the European Market?

Kim: Tickets for SM Town Live World Tour in Paris were sold out in a few minutes, and another round has been added. We have received concert requests from other European countries, but we’re making preparations working out various profit models in diverse areas.

— Kpop is very popular in South America. Are you considering advancing to other area markets?

We have received lots of love calls from South America for SM Town Live concerts as well as for DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, and SHINee’s concerts. We have no confirmed plan yet for the area, but since we know the passion of lots of fans there for our singers through media reports, we are planning to pursue concerts, promotion, album and digital song releases at the right timing.


From an interview with Lee Sooman

— Do you have a plan for concerts in other European countries?

We have received lots of inquiries, but nothing has been scheduled yet. There are many fans in England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and so on, since we have put efforts on promoting songs through SNS and Youtube. This will expand further after our concert in Paris. England and Germany have big music markets, so tentatively they are our next target areas.


Trans by jujugal

SHINee are leaving for Paris today. Do they have time to look around Paris? Hope so. SNSD left for Paris yesterday, and it seems they did some sightseeing.

2 thoughts on “[news] SM Entertainment’s Plan for Overseas Markets

  1. I’m sure they’d have no problem having SM Town concerts in most countries. When you have the combined power of Shinee, SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, and F(X), I think there will be enough fans altogether to have a concert in a decent venue in most countries. It’s only worrying if it’s a concert for just one group.

    I hope Shinee will get to look around. And I hope they upload Shinee pictures to the SM Town facebook like they did for Fx and SNSD. 🙂

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