[scan] SHINee on TV Pia Magazine

Three more scans below…

[Cr to keycifer0923.tumblr.com] Click to see it big.

Don’t know which magazine this is. I’ll update on it.

Taemin in a red jacket *0*

11 thoughts on “[scan] SHINee on TV Pia Magazine

  1. OMG!!!!! I have no words they are so so so sooooooo gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Love them all!!! SHINeeeeeeeee just make me go crazy lalalalala~~~~~ owooo Minho your hands( in the first pic) waaaaaaa jajsvhsgjkaggwqjkakksg

  2. This is for TV Pia magazine.

    Red is a good color on Taemin but that jacket is way too big. Jonghyun is once again too dressed down – I know they’re trying to show off his arms but there has got to be a better way. And why choose that solo photo of Onew – sweet smile, tired eyes, terrible hair styling.

    Sorry for complaining too much – it’s just that only Key looks fab. I think some of their mag interviews and shoots were crammed in 1-2 days so the pics and photos are not outstanding. It’s not the way to get noticed. Elle Girl was good, Ori Suta was very cute while Duet used the profile photos which was great.

    • I know I felt same about Onew’s hair. On the Replay Japanese m/v, his hair styling wasn’t best either. Why?? As you pointed out, we can blame their packed schedules. But in my eyes Taemin still looks gorgeous πŸ˜€ Thanks for the info, by the way.
      I looked at it again. Onew looks good on his solo photo (he looks like Song Joongki!), but he is not smiling brightly, but rather shyly on the group photos. You are right Jonghyun is dressed down not really “down,” but “less” πŸ™‚ but he looks pretty good actually. I like his styling and always gets an impression he knows what style makes him look good. And there’s been consistency at least πŸ˜‰

  3. OMG! japanese magazines knows about jongkey and 2min! They look amazing and wonderful! Im surprised about height of Taeminie now is taller than Jinki, and his potition is just right in the middle.. maybe because he is popular in Japan!

  4. o0o0… shinee looks good. but onew looks so tired on his solo pic.
    weee….. i spot 2min & minkey

  5. omo omo omo~ they look sooo fine. >w<
    especially our taeminnie. he shines in that solo pic. lol. so bright! maybe bcoz of his red jacket. x)
    keke~ but everybody is just…. hehehe~ no words
    they look so colourful~~
    am i the one thinking that onew once wore that suit on before? o_o''

  6. taemin looks so pretty like a girl in the pictures especially his solo pic…how can a boy look sooo pretty. its unreal

  7. They are all look gorgeous πŸ˜› but I do believe they could have gotten a better picture for Onew’s solo pic 😦 Also, I didn’t notice Jonghyun being “dressed down” until someone pointed it out lol…

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