[magazine] SHINee on DUET July Issue

[Cr to ㄱㅍ@ DC Shinee Gallery]


17 thoughts on “[magazine] SHINee on DUET July Issue

  1. Holy Mother of God, it’s so much weirder now that I actually see it, ahaha. I feel like Papa Johnny has all these evil plans in the offing.

    • Could you tell us more about what kind of magazine DUET is? And what evil plans?? I feel lost with this…
      I searched and found DBSK was also on DUET in 2009. So SHINee is not the first. But it’s still surprising considering SHINee is just making a debut now and already on the Johnny’s magazine.

      • From what I know, TVXQ was the first non-johnny’s group to be in the magazine back in 2009. Basically mr. Johnny has enough power to manipulate who gets to be in these magazines. Pretty big deal I would say. EMI obviously has some real crazy connections since the boys are on duet and going to be on myojo. Oh and duet magazine pretty much has female readers…it’s on fashion and celebrity stuff and whatnot…from what I remember anyway XD

      • Thanks, paprii, for your explanation. I wonder if it’s all through EMI’s connections or …… ? I don’t understand what mr. Johnny can be up to. If he wanted to block SHINee, he wouldn’t have allowed them to be featured on the magazines.

      • That’s what I meant basically, that in these magazines Johnny has a monopoly. He could pretty easily get SHINee cut if he wanted to so I’m surprised about why he didn’t. Especially considering Kis My Ft 2 were also supposed to finally debut around this time. That’s been pushed back but it’s rare for JE to allow competition into their closed circles. Especially the media, Johnny has a pretty good understanding with them, he’s good at PR and censoring issues about his artistes he doesn’t like (though that is decreasing more and more). Basically, I’m curious as to why this was allowed.

  2. Jujugal, do you have any news about SHINee’s schedule when they arrive at Abbey Road in England? I found some info about how to get tickets for their performance there, but not sure if it is true since their is no source. I just wanted to run it by you first to see if it is legit.

    ELLEgirl Japan is to give away exclusive 10 sets of pair tickets to SHINee’s special concert at the Abbey Road Studios.
    One of the most out-breaking boys group from South Korea, SHINee is scheduled to make their major debut in Japan on June 22nd with their single “Replay”. They are celebrating this special achievement by performing at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. EMI records, who represents SHINee invited the group to this prestigious studio, that once inspired legends such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Although this event is opened only press and authorities, ELLE girl Japan is giving out 10 sets of pair tickets to its online-readers.
    Date: June 19(Sun.)
    Time: 12:00 open / 13:00 start
    Venue: Abbey Road Studio (3 Abbey Road, NW3, London NW8 0AY)

    *Tickets are not for sale. Please note that you will be asked to show photo ID at the entrance.
    *Applicants must be located close to London or able to travel to London at the given date.
    Deadline for entries is 23:59 Japan time on Sunday, June 12.

    credit : eimanjjong

  3. SHINee on DUET AND Myojo? Reading the comments above has made me wonder… should I be proud or scared? D:

    Well, publicity can never be bad, right? xD SHINee fighting ❤

    • I would definitely be proud! Like the above comments said, if mr Johnny don’t want them in the magazine, they wouldn’t be. Ever since TVXQ got big in Japan there has been many cases of interaction between SM artists and Johnnys, and I think that just indicates that SM artists are getting so big Johnny’s can’t just ignore them anymore.
      Also, as you see, the page SHINee is on is in black and white, and I would say they are the less important pages in the mag… The main thing is the glossy pages with full page photos of JE artists XD

  4. juju, glad to have you and your new post again \(^^)/
    I am yui *bow* Mannaseo bangapseumnida!

    Anyway May I know, what kind of magz DUET is? it’s from Johny Entertainment (Japan)? or I have missunderstood?
    Thank you for helping.

    Last, do you know about Oh! My school taemin special? Is it in episode 25, isn’t it?

    • haha, bangawo (casual). Right, DUET is one of the idol magazines that have connections with JE. More than 90% of idols featured on the magazine are JE idols. DBSK was on it in 2009 when they were big stars. It is extremely unusual for a Korean idol group that is debuting to be featured there.
      Today, it was announced T-ara is going to debut in Japan under the management of a JE affiliated company. I don’t know what mr. Johnny is thinking…

      • Maybe he has seen the success of so many (Korean)girlgroups in Japan these days and wanted a piece of the cake? 😉
        Girls are selling these days, JE can only survive if they evolve, I think.

      • I see…
        Yes, JE is one of Popular and big “producer” of idols from Japan. Just like SM Entertaintment I think, because it artist (we can see Ikuta Toma, Yamapi or Hideaki Takizawa), was contracted since they young. If DUET got Taemin,cs… so that boys (at least) attract him.

        I don’t know what is the real plan. Maybe they will be a teaser of something. But who knows someday they will be a trump/hidden card that will boom under DUET magz like DBSK does? kekeke

        Anyway, thank you so much for your information.

        Thanks for Paprii too 🙂

  5. people say the reason because rare before debut, they’re already popular,,so JE is interest to them..people say it’s ok as long they not under JE management..
    beside,,dbsk already on this magazine before, ft island also in potato magazine not long ago..
    is shinee on potato mag to?

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