[fancam] Jonghyun on His Way for Immortal Song 2 Filming

Cr to Something Special | Up by jujugal

He’s saying, “So many people here today, I don’t know why.”

To read updates on the spoiler…

A fan who attended the filming says the spoiler is not correct. There are things that are “subtly” incorrect (? I don’t know what this means). The legend singer (group) is Boo Hwal as in the spoiler, but it seems that Jonghyun didn’t sing the song (it’s said that the staff intentionally leak info which is not correct but not completely wrong??). It’s good because a singer sang the song in I Am a Singer. If Jonghyun and other idols do it in Immortal Song 2, people will compare their performances with those of veteran singers in I Am a Singer. And the rumor about the format change seems not correct either. That’s good too as the rumored change didn’t look reasonable.

Fans say Jonghyun enjoyed his stage, but responses to his arrangement could be divided again like with his Gwiro. K-shawols are now careful in sharing spoilers. I feel it is OK to do so with international shawols, right? I got some more info but am hesitating about sharing it here. Oh this one will be OK: this time Jonghyun was not the first to sing 🙂


5 thoughts on “[fancam] Jonghyun on His Way for Immortal Song 2 Filming

  1. I heard abt that Nate article but I’m still not clear as to why anyone had a problem w/ his version of gwrio least what problems they could have w/ his rendition in the upcoming stage…I swear it was said somewhere that a big point of the show was to see how the idols take the classic songs & make it their own anyway…

  2. i dont know what is wrong with his version of gwiro but i got that song stucked in my head ever since i heard him sings.
    got new info now? 0_0 i also hesitate to know. lol.

    • Jonghyun has been the name of Singer Idol, so a bar was set too high for him. Other group fans or netizens are trying to find any fault with him. But Jonghyun must be very strong and self-confident in doing what he wants to do and enjoying the stage. I think they can see that too and hate it. That’s why they say Jonghyun is showing off.

      • that makes me really sad. I mean, if an artiste didn’t have an opinion about the music he wants to do, and simply takes instructions, he would just be a soul-less robot with a voice. and enjoying the performance you put together is important because it’s being true to yourself; it’s also being professional, putting on a good show.

        sorry for ranting here, i just needed to vent…

        thanks for all the updates by the way. really appreciate it : )

      • juju.. they can say what they want coz i know they are just jealous. i come to realise that shinee gains more haters lately bcoz they are loved by many fans & the media also garnered attention to shinee. they just cant find fault, that’s why they made something up i guess. sigh~
        p/s : im just curious, is allkpop kinda bias or something? bcoz u know, shinee world international fanbase(sfinee) also withdrawn from affiliated with akp long time ago(cant remember when) & akp seem to miss/kinda late about shinee news.
        if this comment kinda inappopriate for view, you can just remove this. thanks. 😉

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