[update] SHINee New Schedule Added / Replay Used as Ending Song

Confirmed: SHInee will appear in “Sakigake! Music ranking~EIGHT~” on June 22, 25:40!

Sakigake! Music Ranking~EIGHT~ official homepage: http://www.fujitv.co.jp/sakigake/index.html

Japanese SHINee official homepage: http://shinee.jp/news/media/2011/0604_000171.php



「Replay -君は僕のeverything-」が
毎週土曜日 24:50~オンエア

– Replay will be used as an ending song for Satmen (24:50 on Sat) on CTV.


Thanks, SHINee4ever, for this info! I’ll update this when I find more info.


6 thoughts on “[update] SHINee New Schedule Added / Replay Used as Ending Song

  1. Ah, SHINee is getting busier ><
    Anyway, I can't help but to be worried hearing SNSD's condition right now, I hope when SHINee has their tour they won't be like SNSD.

      • I heard Sunny fainted (on the stage) (no, she was advised to go to have a check-up on her health, so she went to see a doctor) and other members are also in a bad condition due to the tight concert schedule. Poor girls~

    • It looks like a perform type based on the show name. They may have a short interview. I don’t have specific info yet. I’ll update when I find more.

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