[spoiler] Jonghyun’s Next Song? @ Immortal Song 2

[Up by penzalpain@youtube]

From the photos of Jonghyun on his way to filming, we got a hint for the next contest concept. The legend singer for the next episode is Boo Hwal (Born Again), a rock group.

Jonghyun seems to be singing the song, The Story of Rain and You. Not confirmed.

It seems that they changed the format to the true tournament style (two compete and a winner goes to the next round). And the competing pair sing the same song. Now Secret Jieun has joined the contestants. She is competing with Jonghyun, singing the same song.

The production team explained why they had to choose the cruel format: it will be too much for idols to sing several times for one episode. It will be a burden for the idols if they have to prepare and sing two or three songs. Now if they changed the format again, I don’t know how they are going to handle it.

Some say June 20 will be the last time Jonghyun film the program. Others say after this Jonghyun can’t because of his schedules. 2pm Joonsu and FT Island Hongki are joining the idols. I don’t know, but if Jonghyun have to leave for now I hope he will come back later in July or August if it’s possible with his schedule. The pd said some idols might do that according to their schedules.

Nothing has been confirmed. So please do not spread this spoiler elsewhere. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “[spoiler] Jonghyun’s Next Song? @ Immortal Song 2

  1. Interesting! I’d love to hear how Jonghyun’s voice sounds over hard guitars. I hope jonghyun can come back when he’s not busy because he loves singing and seems to be really enjoying doing this program. he’s all smiles when he’s heading to filming

    When reading this post I didn’t really understand what you mean by this sentence. can you explain it please?

    “It is said there were words among the production staff about idols putting checks on each other when IU turned out to be on the bottom and Jonghyun 4th after the first round of performance.”

    Idols putting checks on eachother? What’s that mean

    • Maybe I should rewrite it? It means IU and Jonghyun are the ones the other idols were most afraid of, so they didn’t give scores the two deserve. You know the idol contestants graded the other idols’ performances for the first round. Edit: I deleted that part.

  2. Ohhh! I think saying it that way makes more sense, personally. I didn’t even think about that to be honest. Although I thought it was weird that IU and Jonghyun were so low, my thought process never really made it there because everything happened so fast.

    Wow my eyes have really opened! Both Yoseob and IU said that Jonghyun was who they were worried about. Giving a lower score is a strategy and a way to get ahead. In that case, they should take that element out and have impartial judges or something.

    • So far they have this “free personal song” round and then the legend singer’s song round. I don’t know whether the grading method will be the same for the next episode: the idols grade one another in the first round and the audience judges give scores to the idols in the second. I didn’t think about that either, but now I think that could have factored in the result. It could be intentional? The production wants to stir people’s interest that way?

  3. i actually prefer the old format than this up coming format. With this up coming format, contestant will be grade for 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place … And how long the show gonna be???
    6 idols –> 3 pairs for 1st row = 6 songs (3 songs x 1 pair)
    3 idols to the 2nd row = 3 times 1 song
    It’ll get boring if the song were repeated to much

  4. can he keep recording untill June 20th??? cause i think from the SMtown live in Paris onward, they can’t even go back to Korea for about … 1 month??? You know, SM concert on 10-11, MTV live Dam on 15-16, Abey Road perf on 19, then perfs on 22 and 25, tones of photoshoots, etc … and we have to count the differences in time zone and time to flight back and ford

  5. you are the best! you always update so quickly and i find myself coming here everyday! ❤ thank you for your hard work! (as SHINee is my obsession too ^^)

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