[info] SHINee’s Japanese Debut Single Premium Limited Edition Goes Out of Stock in Amazon Japan


[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

It will be restocked, but anyway this means the CDs allocated to Amazon Japan have been sold out, right? Is this common even in pre-sales? 0,0



11 thoughts on “[info] SHINee’s Japanese Debut Single Premium Limited Edition Goes Out of Stock in Amazon Japan

  1. This is a good sign jujugal! I heard SNSD also sold out as well, and now SHINee has sold out too. Their success is not far behind from SNSD I bet. 😀

    • I wonder it was SNSD’s debut single? or their recent album? I’m asking because SNSD sold over 40K on the first week. Fans are wondering how many Replay Japan CDs were made and distributed. Can SHINee sell more than SNSD? I heard even other group fans are expecting to see big sales on SHINee’s debut single. It’s kinda pressure, you know, when there are such high expectations.

      • Not sure it’s possible for SHINee to sell more than SNSD I think JP is more accepting of girl groups than boys. THSK was the exception – but then JP considers them one of their own. It’s just bec girl groups have loads of male & female fans whereas boy groups tend to have mostly female only. Besides, it took SNSD 7-8 mos of work to reached Kara’s level in JP. The boys have not even started so let’s be realistic here and manage our expectations.

      • I mostly agree with you, but actually boy groups can make it bigger because most of fans are female in the pop world. That’s why SNSD’s main fan target in Japan is female, not male. Ultimately both, but they wanted to attract female fans first. I heard most of KARA fans are male, but SNSD has lots of female fans. But it’s true that in the beginning it is harder for boy groups. As you said, JP is more accepting of girl groups. Johnny’s will try to keep Korean boy groups in check.
        2pm made a record for Kpop idol’s debut single sales for the first week (they used lots of sales events for it, and their sales in the second week flopped). The press will definitely make comparisons when SHINee’s record comes out. Most fans wish SHINee’s single sales would hold on for weeks rather than making a record in the first week and then disappearing from the chart.

  2. I’m so happy for them 🙂 2 more weeks until their debut!!!!

    juju, i read from their schedule, Replay is also chosen to be the ending song for a Jap program right?

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