[TV] Jonghyun @ KBS Immortal Song 2

Let’s not forget Jonghyun is enjoying this program. The program format and editing sucks. They needed to make the program sensational by adding stories and using a cruel format.  But we can watch Jonghyun sing all those songs we’d never have had a chance to. That’s enough, isn’t it? I got goosebumps and chills listening to Jonghyun’s songs.

Listening to his singing again and again, I notice he changes his voice for each of the songs. That’s amazing. I’m so proud of him.

To see more subbed videos…

[Cut Cr to JHolic@DC Shinee Gallery | Trans & sub by jujugal]

This is a fancam of Jonghyun singing Gwiro. A full version.

23 thoughts on “[TV] Jonghyun @ KBS Immortal Song 2

  1. i completely agree that i am not a fan of the way they’re doing the competition. i like that they randomly draw who they will go up against, because that way there’s really no way to study the opponents performance.

    but i dont like the way they go singer a vs b, then winner vs singer c and onwards. its extremely unfair to the first two singers, they don’t get a chance to compete.

    i do like that the audience voting are people who are suitable to the age group of the song they’re singing. i will admit that they did a good job in deciding that to avoid fandom wars and keeping the integrity of the songs.

    on a side note. jjong nearly made me cry T_T and im glad to see the shinee boys are backstage with him (:

  2. You took my thoughts right out my head juju. The format & editing may not be the best (why did they insert Jjong’s interview part while the song was going?) but it’s pretty clear Jjong is enjoying himself & for that reason I fully support his participation in the prog for however long he wants :3

    Thank you for subbing this! I was bugging to know the lyrics to the songs he sing :3

  3. Jonghyun did really well. He picked the most unique song out of the bunch. His performance had the artistry the others lacked with the guitar and flute and such. Keeping it traditionally folk worked well in combination with his stormy vocals. I really loved the arrangement. It’s okay that he didn’t win although I think he deserved it based on the things I mentioned before. Because as you said, we get to hear him sing every week regardless of whether he wins or not. 🙂

      • If you’re not particularly a fan of the others, I’d say watch Hyorin’s if you watch anyone’s. She was very good.

      • Thanks, I watched skipping some parts and Hyorin’s part in full. You can see she really prepared a lot for her performance. It was very good. I’m glad she’s the final winner. But this program is making me realize why SHINee is my love 🙂 Jonghyun arranging A Million Roses in Irish folk style and his singing, all my taste.

  4. The competition aspect wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I hope everyone keeps having fun with it all, it looks like it could be a really great show. Do you know anything about the ratings or if there are any reviews out for it yet? Thanks for the translations, I was hoping someone would do them. 🙂

    • Oh, the ratings are good compared to the program’s previous ones (it is part of a saturday variety show). But the program is now criticized for copying “I Am a Singer”. We should wait for the next week’s ratings to see if people will keep watching. This was the first episode, so many people watched it for curiosity. Some people are complaining about the format.

  5. hi, I was wondering if there were any criticisms towards them? like singing-wise? Since there are a lot of criticisms about it copying ‘I am a Singer’s format, I imagine there would be some criticism about how the idols aren’t as good as the singers on that show.

    • By whom? You mean by netizens? There are some by netizens, but they are mostly criticizing the format. It seems that because they don’t like the format, they are not talking about the idols’ singing that much. As for criticisms toward idols, it’s hard to tell how fair they are. Anyway, somehow the format is doing a positive thing, turning all the criticism toward the producer 🙂
      Ah, and there are some avid fans of I Am a Singer. Of course some of them don’t like this program and criticize idols’ singing. In my opinion, they are idolizing those singers in I Am a Singer and acting worse than idol fans. There are such immature people everywhere.

      • Is my understanding correct that below is not positive? Thanks in advance for clarifying (if ever.)

        ‘불후의 명곡2’ 샤이니 종현 가창력 논란 “선곡 무리수”

        샤이니 종현이 무리한 선곡으로 가창력 논란에 휩싸였다. 그러나 부담감 때문인지 다소 과잉된 감정 표현과 불안한 고음처리가 보기 불편하다는 반응이 많았다. 방송을 접한 누리꾼들은 종현의 가창력에 실망감과 아쉬움을 나타냈다. 관련 게시판에는 “잔뜩 겉멋이 들었다” “가창력 뽐내는데 급급해 거북했다” “선곡이 무리수” “소리만 지른다고 노래는 아니다” “절제의 미학이 필요하다” 등의 의견들이 게재됐다

      • Right, it’s not positive. This article is just reporting on some netizens’ complaints about his choice of “Gwiro.” Because this song is mostly in high note, some people say it wasn’t a good choice, or that he did too much shouting style singing, or that Jonghyun was too showy in choosing the song, etc.
        And what’s interesting is they are not talking about Jonghyun’s performance of “A Million Roses”. Because they know his arranging and singing of the song was very good. What they complain about Jonghyun’s Gwiro was put in control in his performance of A Million Roses–he didn’t have to shout throughout, but controlled his voice to make it soft at the right place and strong at the climax. But they don’t want to talk about what he did well. They need something to bite and tear, not to praise. (And as I said in my reply below, most netizens are complaining about the format.)
        And because there’s nothing much to say about other idols, Jonghyun (and IU) seems to be used for publicity. I think it’s because Jonghyun draws attention 😉 People don’t pay much attention when other idols are on the topic.
        I hope Jonghyun wouldn’t mind it and continue to enjoy singing in the program. Anyway, he will leave it soon because of his busy schedule. I’m already missing all the performances he could show in the program. And I also hope Onew will be able to participate in this program, probably in season 2. If the ratings are good, my wish may come true.

      • they complained abt that? i dont know whether im too biased of jjong but i do find him very expressive in singing gwiro. maybe i’ve known & stalked him like 2 years ago so i knew that he’s just like he is. he’s like that while singing. some people saying he’s a show off but i dont find it that way since i watched tons of radio show/tv shows that he really sang every songs expressively. 😉

        i admit i do feel hurt when someone commented that way abt him. but i wont be butthurt much to tell them in their faces( dont want shinee to lose face bcoz of me)

        hope he enjoys this prog to the fullest so that i’ll be happy to see him every weekend & try to neglect those hate comments about you. 😉
        juju, thanks for your super lightning fast sub! lol. love ya! ^^

      • Someone says Jjong will film the program until 20 June, and then Lee Hongki of FT Island will replace him. But it’s not confirmed yet. Fans say Jjong will have to leave it earlier because of the concert in paris and Abbey Road performance schedules.

      • yeah I expected that there would be tons of negative comments about his first performance and I really did think that jonghyun should’ve chosen an easier song. His second performance was much better and he didn’t shout as much. I hope he won’t let it get to him though and he’ll improve on it. I’m a bit annoyed that they focused on that performance but hey.. negative news sells more than positive news.

      • Exactly. I saw this article posted on a Korean entertainment portal just now, and most people were criticizing the article for making fuss over this. They are saying, Who complained about this? Only a few, if any. Media wants attention, so they are making an exaggerated report. I think this is what the program producer wants.

      • yeah in a way, I think it may be a good thing for jjong in the long run. He is my bias but I am very open to constructive criticism about my favs. I wasn’t really sure how I felt when I heard that he was singing ‘gwiro’ because I remember hearing him sing it on a previous show and he was struggling to hit the high notes. I think when you are struggling with a song, then perhaps it is not the best choice for you.

        On the other hand, I do find it really annoying and unfair that the media chose to focus on the gwiro performance.. because it wasn’t even part of the actual competition.

  6. Juju: Really? It’s sad that he gets criticized for his interpretation of Gwiro. I thought the whole point of the show was for idols to interpret songs in their own way. Jonghyun is a sensitive guy so I hope he’s not affected by this esp since he seems to have enjoyed himself. I hope he returns to the show after their Jun/Jul commitments. The boys are so busy the next 2 months it’s a bit worrisome.

    Not sure I want Onew in this show soon. SM over-worked him so much in 2010 he needs a vacation as much as SNSD.

    • Oh, not for his interpretation. Simply for his choice of the song. Because the song has too much of high note. So they’re saying, why did he choose this song? to show off his voice? too much shouting, blah blah blah. I think they don’t event try to think about his interpretation.
      For Onew, I agree. Not now, but later…maybe in season 2.

      • LMAO that’s even sillier. He can darn well choose whichever song he wants to sing – it’s his choice. Just because he chose a difficult song doesn’t mean he wanted to show off. Poor Jonghyun. Sometimes netizens just make me shake my head in bewilderment.

      • Some are saying tomorrow filming is the last. Nothing confirmed yet. I hope Jonghyun will come back later… I want to see more of his performances.

      • i do hope to see him perform too~but their japanese debut is like 17 days away. sigh. dont know whether i should be happy or sad.

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