[photo] SHINee on Ori Suta

[Cr to Tonghyun@soompi | Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

They look like back to Juliette days!

A side note: the number of SHINee’s scheduled interviews with all the Japanese magazines is amazing. People say it’s not because EMI is promoting SHINee hard, but it means SHINee’s debut is attracting the media’s attention that much. I heard that no Korean idols have been on the Japanese idol magazine Myojo, which is closely related to Johnny’s, Japan’s number one idol management company. It is very unusual, and k-shawols who know well about Jpop world are all amazed. Now the question is: it might be even possible for SHINee to appear on M-station the week the debut single comes out, or the next week if the single sells well???


31 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee on Ori Suta

  1. i was waiting for them to give taem curls every since the new color, cuz at some point they always do. now can we never do it again plz? 😀 also taem stop going into shortmode or wear sum damn insoles like the rest of em! in most the promostuff hes the shortest tho rly im 95% sho hes second tallest >.<

    • how naive of me to think curls would never find there way back on his head w/ this hairstyle…can we not stylist plz…

      style issues aside I’m really proud of the boys. it’s amazing the boys are landing such strong gigs, it’s good to know Jp has such a strong interest in them…good sign of future success I think.

      welcome back btw 😉

  2. SHINee are going to be in Myojo? I’m a little more than completely taken-aback, Papa Johnny does not allow these things.

    • Oh, you know about it?! For those who know what it’s like there is really surprised like you. How could this happen? What does this mean? I’m now afraid the expectations are getting too high, so if the outcome isn’t up to the expectations (even though it is very good in itself), people will make bad comments…

      • To be honest, it’s exceptionally strange. Basically Myojo, Popolo and Potato are from the genre of fan magazines, right, and are, keeping in tune with the genre, dedicated to one business/one part of one business. They are entirely dominated by Johnny’s and as time progresses, the older Johnny’s get phased out from the cover and the Juniors, younger groups are promoted. Putting SHINee in either of these magazines would just mean giving competition to himself since JE practically controls these three. I’m a little baffled. It will get SHINee attention though, for sure. And attention is always a good thing for brands, so don’t worry much?

  3. first off. welcome back!! i hope you’re taking it slow though, because we appreciate everything you do with giving us the fastest update on shinee news =) but we want you to be healthy and feeling better too!!

    shinee boys daebaek!! its like when they debuted in 2008 and immediately garnered attention, their japan debut is no different, and definitely nothing less from our boys!!

  4. jujugal, i’m so glad you’re back. yay!

    i feel so happy just by visiting your blog.
    every news in your blog always make me happy cause from what you say i know that our baby doing well for their debut japan.

  5. oh jujugal, i wanna ask something. does music station and music japan is the same program? and whats the different with happy music? which one is the most prestige?
    sorry if i asking too much and sorry for my poor english.

  6. Is Shinee going to be on the cover of Myojo or just featured inside it? I’m not into Jpop so it’s not really clicking with how much of a big deal it is lol.

    Is M Station a show you can only be on if you’ve done really well? Is it something like the music shows in Korean? Inkigayo, Music bank, Music core, Mnet, etc.? I think SNSD was on it a week or so ago. It may have been another show, but I thought I saw an M symbol on the video…

    This was it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC2Ex-9YOTs

    • As far as I know, M Station has a long tradition and authority as a music program. It’s kinda special. DBSK, Big Bang and SNSD have been on the program too. DBSK in their old days were not able to perform on the program. Now BB and SNSD (they sure had a strong push) did all thanks to Kpop boom in Japan (SNSD will do a two-song medley this week, which is very unusual and shows their popularity–See, their album sales are going very well, and the program wants to have them back!).
      But I heard it’s a lot harder for a Korean boy group, especially a new one, to appear on the program due to pressure from Johnny’s (which has had a special liaison with the program for their boy groups). SHINee is a new artist, so it will be very hard and unusual for SHINee to be on the program the week their single album is released (artists appear on the program when their new albums come out). People say the sales go up the day after an artist appear on M Station. That shows the program’s power.
      But who knows. The power relationship seems to be changing as Korean Wave is going strong. If SHINee prove to be big fish through sales, they’ll sure invite SHINee. Let’s wait and see.

  7. omo… they look so… fresh??
    haha.. i guess.
    i love their perm hair here.
    ontaekey look so cute with this cute.

  8. I’m not too familiar with Jpop magazines, but how much of a surprise is it that they are being featured in Myojo? Have other korean artists been in this magazine?

    Lastly, I’m happy they are getting a good response in Japan 🙂 I just hope they get enough rest and continue to be healthy ~

      • I think we might be a wrong abt no Korean artist being in Myojo. I looked up their website out of curiosity & found that their July issue included a (1p) kpop special w/ shu-i & apeace ^^;; but that mag is indeed Johnny bias so regardless of them being 1st or not I think it’s cool they’re getting a feature in that mag right off the bat.

      • the reason you don’t know them is because they’re flop bands in their native country (I hate using the word flop on bands but in this case…)

        all I know abt them is that apeace has 21 members & want to be a male akb48 I think & Shu-i’s 1st Kor single was called bombbombbomb or smith like that…idk how long or how much much sucess either has gained in Jp :\

      • Ah…I think I heard of such a group. They are Koreans, but they didn’t even debut in Korea. They directly debuted in Japan, so they are not truly Kpop groups–they are just one of Jpop groups who happen to be Koreans. Therefore I think we can say SHINee is truly the first Korean idol group to be featured on the magazine 😉

  9. what’s so wrong with taemins hair???? it’s cute and it adds character :3 kekekekeke^^ i hope SHINee will get the chance to be in the magazine^^9

  10. omg,,really? JE/johnny entertainment is strict..more than sm..they will not interview/included artist if they think it’s not good..and usually they magazine just have they idol management in it..sand the magazine distributed

      • yes,,it is..i wonder how many pages they get in myojo..
        let’s think positively,,get interview in such famous magazine means they music ability and fashion get appreciated..

  11. Wow, you’re back. It’s a nice surprise – unexpected but I’m glad. Take it easy though.

    I love that picture on the window. They all look so happy. Onew in pink – always a good combination though rarely shown.

    Re the mag list interviews for SHINee – i was really happy to see the list. It’s impressive, even more so if its true that it’s because of interest in SHINee and not all EMI’s influence.

    I’m nervous for them but I’m glad all the same. It’s time SHINee spreads it’s wings beyond Korea – they’re well-loved but still under-appreciated there (I don’t get it tbh).

    • I think SHINee being under-appreciated is related to the limits of Kpop or the musical taste of Korean general public. SHINee’s concept as a contemporary band is one of the factors that make them loved overseas, but not as much in Korea, I think. You know SHINee is appreciated for their music by those music critics and music fans (not idol fans) in Korea, but too advanced for the general public.

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