[news] SHINee Jonghyun Participates in City Hunter OST

SHINee Jonghyun’s participation in City Hunter OST is now a hot topic.

SBS ‘City Hunter OST Part2’ with So Goodbye by SHINee Jonghyun has been released at midnight, 3 June. Jonghyun’s song is expected to make a hit following Lim Jaebeom’s Love on ‘City Hunter OST Part1’.

So Goodbye is an acuroban style ballad composed by Oh Joonsung, a music director well-known for drama OSTs, including Boys Over Flowers, My Girl, Prosecutor Princess, Witch Yoo Hee. The song is about the complex feelings of the characters with traumatic memories.

It is said the OST team praised Jonghyun during the recording session for his excellent expression of emotion and explosive singing ability, calling him a “Singer Idol.”

[Source: bnt news http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=04&c1=04&c2=04&c3=00&nkey=201106030058233&mode=sub_view%5D

Trans by jujugal

Jonghyun topped Naver’s “real time hot search word” list πŸ™‚

– a 30 second clip; I think Jonghyun’s voice was expressive of the emotion.

– I think fans need be careful in sharing mp3 of SHINee’s songs on youtube. We should try to find a way to stream and download it through legal channels.

Here are links to the sites where you can purchase Jonghyun’s song:

Mnet: http://music.mnet.com/ArtistAlbum/AlbumInfo.asp?AlbumID=222082

Soribada: http://www.soribada.com/#/Music/Album/?TID=KO0003887

Bugs: http://music.bugs.co.kr/album/288968

Dosirak: http://www.dosirak.com/#/AlbumDetail/f_Album_info.asp?album_id=80258734

(I didn’t include Melon because it does not allow overseas fans to use the site.)

Here’s a guidline to how to use Mnet: http://usaiamhottest.com/2010/10/how-to-purchase-from-mnet-music

Thanks, Bee, for the info!

*I’m streaming both Replay Japanese M/V and Jonghyun’s song at the same time πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “[news] SHINee Jonghyun Participates in City Hunter OST

  1. OIAM linked to the sites where one can purchase the song: http://twitter.com/shinee_jh/status/76305362508197889 | http://twitter.com/shinee_jh/status/76305122828877824 | http://twitter.com/shinee_jh/status/76305053035671553 and it’s actually quite easy and inexpensive to purchase this legally over Mnet. It took me about 10 minutes from the minute I signed up to the minute I’d downloaded it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all of this information, I hope it does really well on the charts.

  2. i buy an extra soribada card just to stream So Goodbye on 2 computer T__T, poor my wallet
    i’m missing Jjong ballad so much, i wish he could do more stuff like this, it’s beautiful
    Seem like the composer like Shinee/Jjong voice a lot, Shinee also sang for BOF and Prosecutor princess

    • Wow, you’re great! I think Jjong will have more chances to do OST songs in the future if this song has a good result. So, fighting~ Once this song is used in the drama, more people will try listening to the song. Jonghyun in solo is new to this OST market, so the public doesn’t know how good Jonghyun is as a ballad singer yet.

  3. thanks for the info on how to download it legally!! it really helps and make me support SHINee even more!! Really, thanks heaps! πŸ™‚

  4. jjong baby~ i love your voice soooooooo freaking much! i dont know how many times already i’ve said this but i love the emotion you put on to sing it. heavenly awesome!! ><

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