[info] SHINee To Appear on Happy Music

SHINeeは今回、当番組が一発目のテレビ歌収録だったらしい。光栄だm(_ _)m

[Trans] Our program seems to be SHINee’s first TV appearance. It’s honor to us m(_ _)m

[from twitter; DC Shinee Gallery]

Do you remember? Becky on Happy Music watched a clip of SHINee’s Lucifer m/v and said, “kakoii,” for Taemin in hairband 🙂 She finally met SHINee. Can’t wait to watch it. Don’t know when this will be aired.

Edit: A member of a Japanese girl group (Super Girls) that filmed the program on the same day was amazed by SHINee when she saw them do rehearsal. She said she wanted to do her best too, practiced until she fell down, and succeeded in making no mistake on stage 😀  Our boys are already making influence there!

Hi guys, old habits die hard 😉 I couldn’t stop lurking around SHINee-related sites. Not fully back, but I’ll post this kind of exciting news. And I realize what news or info is not exciting if related to SHINee… SHINee must be truly “Healing Idol” 😀

26 thoughts on “[info] SHINee To Appear on Happy Music

  1. wow, u r back!!! ❤

    I wonder Becky's reaction seeing Shinee in person, esp Taemin! Because when she was impressed by Taemin with his long hair, now he cut his hair & left his "cool" image in Lucifer days behind!

  2. yeah!!they recording that today..
    who tweet this must polite,,he/she even use ‘it’s honor to us’ word^^
    you back!!take care 🙂

  3. Wow, thanks God you’re back.. 😀
    And wow, I can’t wait watching this happy music tv program.. XDD

  4. Sheena…Welcome Back…

    I’m So Happy Went I Receive Your Email…For 2 Days I’m Waiting Patiently For You Come Back…Love You n Take Care …

  5. First of all, Juju welcome back !!! I’m really glad that you’re now (kind of) back ehe XD
    Second, Can’t wait to watch the show !! I wonder how did they talk using japanese ? XD And Becky , I love that woman. She must be excited to see taemin

    • Thanks! I saw a member of a Japanese girl’s group that appeared in the program on the same day posted a comment on her blog. I’ll add this on the post.

  6. keke.. u r back. even im new here, but i like ur blog and i like reading others and ur opinion on SHINee.
    cant wait for this to be aired

  7. waaaaaaaaaa Welcome back juju!!!! so happy to see again!! thank you so much for the info!! you always giving us so much happiness with info of our boys!!! yeahh They really are healing idols!! wujuuuuu xDDDD

  8. your back!!!!!!!!!
    i’m only new and was so upset when you said you were going because i just found you :3 this truly is the best SHINee site^^9 i envy you your such a good person thanks for shearing all of this^^ i hope you fully recover very soon!!!!^^ juju fighting^^9

  9. Ooooh! Rehearsal??? I guess the girl from Super Girl didn’t mention the song. Either Replay or Lucifer?

  10. OMG JUJU!!!!! I was beginning to despair of ever getting any shinee info in japan T_T sure there are other sites but none of them quite like yours! Welcome back, we’ve missed you so! 😀

    I don’t really know much of japanese shows but which would you is the most popular/must-guest on? I hope shinee gets it~~

    • Hard to tell which is the most popular. M Station seems to be the most prestigious. I hear there are not many music programs. HeyX3, Happy Music,… Japanese entertainment programs may not be good because they make “sexual” jokes or some mischievous situations, so fans don’t want SHINee to appear on such programs.

  11. Becky is so adorable. There are so many people I want the boys to meet, especially Shoko-tan and SMAP. SHINee on SMAP x SMAP would be epic, those guys are like l;dk;salfkas;lkf;kd.

    • oh, are you in Japan? Please, share your knowledge with us here more often 🙂 One day, SHINee will be on SMAPxSMAP! Let’s dream high!

  12. juju you’re back! i jumped when i saw updates on your blog ( dont you know, your blog is my homepage,hehe. ) 😉
    yesterday was ordinary & bored, dont have much to do, only for jonghyun’s ost i was anticipated.
    today is….incredibly awesome day for shawols!^^ thanks juju! you really are our hands & eyes for shinee news. *bows* m(__)m
    felt like a proud mom when i saw alot of attention has shinee gained from japanese media. 😉

    p/s : shinee really are a healing group! i once encounter some fans comparing shinee with a group(dont need to mention here what group) & i was upset for days. now my love for shinee is getting stronger by this! hwaiting juju! ^^

    • It seems that all these SHINee blessings come in a bunch on a certain day, and yesterday was one of such days!
      Don’t be upset about those comparisons. What they take as a proof of their popularity is laughable and I can argue back one by one. We love SHINee as “artists” for their music, right? SHINee is doing very well. And the so-called popularity (in the sense of appeal to the general public) can be only a bubble without a strong musical base. And the so-called entertaining idols are consuming their images too fast.
      As I see it, SHINee is going in the right pace, not too fast, not too slow. I want to see them for a long time, you know, as they grow and improve better and better with time to show all different looks and styles.

      • i agreed. 😉
        i was happy im a part of this shinee world. i’ll never regret that i love them unconditionally. i dont have any other bias except shinee, so my protective side is rebelling when people comparing them like that. i just cant but most of the time, i just keep it to myself. i wont argue anything with them coz we know them best. 😉
        but one thing is weird for me, why their daum fansite fans are decreasing each month & even other groups can surpass them. from what i see, shinee is gaining popularity everywhere now. so..why? *curious shawol as usual* 😉

      • I don’t know. It’s possible some people want to unsubscribe simply because they don’t go there anymore. They just go to shakizi or other fansites for SHINee-related materials. Do you remember? Shakizi was within the top ten most searched keywords among teens last year.
        I don’t like daum either for certain things they do on their portal. It’s very fishy. Anyway, it’s not like before. People don’t care about daum fan cafes anymore as SHINee4ever points out.
        Just think about this: why the number of people for some groups doesn’t match the number of their album sales? What kind of fans are they? Do they like their music? or do they just join the fan cafe after watching certain entertainment programs? Daum fan cafes are more like that kind of place these days. You know SHINee members are not doing entertainment programs a lot like other idols. Their priority is their music. That’s my impression.

      • @HiraHyun: Daum cafe’s are losing popularity, not the idols themselves. Most idol fans no longer use Daum, just like Shawols. They rather use fansites or forums like Shakizi, etc. Plus, Naver is more popular among the general user now.

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