Thank You!

Thanks, guys (teary)

SHINee is my first idol group I’ve ever liked. And Taemin led me to the SHINee World last Fall. There are lots of things I’ve never experienced before, so I get so much affected by these common things that happen in the fandom world.

I think I need a break to compose myself again. I was too much emotionally into all this. When I had my youtube channel, in which I invested so much time and energy, struck down for the first time, it hit me so hard. Now I’m used to it and think, OK I’ll create another one. So this is just a process of getting tougher as a shawol, I think πŸ˜‰

Thanks again for all your kind words. Hope I’ll be back healthier and stronger.


31 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. we are shawols & its even sweeter we live in one SHINee World together. πŸ™‚
    i hope you come back when you’re fully healed! hwaiting~ ^^

  2. People who need to say:”thanks” is us because you help us to have any info about SHINee as soon as you can ever!we really enjoy and respect it!so just relax and be strong then because SHINee and shawols are your energy and support you forever!:D

  3. you know, i’ve been reading some comments on youtube, and it really got me down as well, id actually ignored all the issues till this troll started to attack our fancams, kept saying taemin needs to take out the silicon and acted as if it (this person doesn’t deserve a gender in my opinion) was a shawol… i got so upset i pmed paprii and vented out on her, poor thing i hope she ignores it! i was kinda scary, anyway, i got so emotionally upset, i didn’t go watch any fancams till now because i was that upset and scared about taemin being bashed, eventually i got brave enough to post the word troll to said evil human who was bashing taemin on the onew singing at the wedding fancam… brave right, i felt quiet proud, despite the fact this person had me dissolving into tears,

    i can totally understand how emotionally draining it must be having your video’s deleted and such, its a horrible experience, i’ve been watching shinee fancams for over 2 and a half years now, and seriously, every time an uploader goes i mourn over it, because these fancams are what give me strength, anyway! relax! and eat ice cream and stay away till this taemin issue dies down, thats what i’m planning to do, good thing as well i’ve my final exams in 2 weeks time, i could do with some time away, since im off to uni this year, fighting! and shawols love you! never forget that! *hugs*

    • lol i think i know the who you’re taking about. same one was all over Tae cams related to last year’s idol sport special (capslock & hysteria all the time). I’ll admit the situation kind of dampen my fun of collected pis & FC at the beginning… I wanted to admire his pretty not waste time looking for difference in his face (If “changes” aren’t glaring enough for me to notice almost intimidate i don care to make it any of my concern tyvm)

  4. We Shawols spend so much time obsessing over SHINee… we always need a daily overdose of them xD and you help me, and probably many more who want to see SHINee more. So, thank YOU as well, for spending time to keep SHINee in our lives. We’ll always be Shawols!!!

  5. even though Shinee isn’t my 1st idol group I too found myself very affected by the situation waay more then I’d liked to admit tbh but that’s probably because I’ve never been this strongly attached to a celeb/group as I’ve been Taemin/Shinee lol

    imo interacting w/ other fans is one of the biggest fun of being in a fandom unfortunately it can sometimes be the biggest source of frustration as well when trying to enjoy it so go on & take some time to enjoy the fandom on your own & when you’re ready join us again in da Shinee world (lol so corny i kno)

  6. Just want you to know that we all really appreciate what you do for us, Shawols. I understand it can be overwhelming, especially when you are new to fandom. So —

    κ·Έλ¦¬μ›Œν• κ±°μ˜ˆμš”~

    I know you will come back stronger πŸ™‚ ❀

  7. Fighting, Sheena! I’ve been a fan since June of 2009 (yay it’s almost my 2nd anniversary :3), and I know sometimes the fandom can really become stressful and draining. It must be 10 times harder for you, because you’re such an avid sharer, and understand the language much more than I ever will. Please hang in there, though! SHINee World may have it’s dark sides, but most of us here are a family! And we need you, Sheena, never forget that! We need and appreciate you so much ❀

  8. aww, why so sudden?
    i don’t know what happen but i just hope we still stay strong as Shawols, (i don’t care about those antis who talking bad about our boys), i hope you stay strong too.
    thanx so much Juju/sheena.
    we really appreciate all your hardworks.
    i hope you’ll be back soon in healthier and stronger condition.
    Fighting JuJu! ^^

  9. awww it’s okay. πŸ™‚ when i first got my strikes as well i was so sad… but thinking of all the shawols that i’m providing, i feel glad to continue as well. i believe you’ll become stronger, and i’m really thankful for all that you have done!!
    you are a truly great shawol πŸ™‚
    love ya!!!!!!

  10. Although I had never experienced my yt account getting suspended or smth, i can understand your pain. It’s like your world being taken away and never be returned again. I really so appreciate your kindness for uploading so MANY fancams despite the possibilities of getting suspended. I mean, many uploaders gave up because of this. Your will is so strong that you are still willing to upload fancams (esp. Taemin fancams). Anyway I do appreciate all your sweat and hardwork from subbing to uploading and to updating their activities as fast as you can. We shawols will always be here you. πŸ™‚ love you!

  11. I dont know what exactly happens but from reading above comments, I think it has sth to do with antis badmouthing taemin on your youtube channel.

    I dont know if this means anything, but i just wanna tell u that I’m one among I dont know how many others who have followed your blog/youtube channel religiously. (I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed here and also your youtube channel) and u have brought us much joy and we appreciate all the things u’ve done. πŸ™‚

    Just wanna cheer u up and of course, take your time until u’re ready to come back again πŸ˜€

  12. I totally understand ur feelings, because I’m a Taemint myself, too…Being a fangirl is really difficult & stressful sometimes reading critics or bashing from anti-fans or whatever to our bias…*sighs*
    Hope u will return soon. Ur posts & ur videos always cheered me *and a lot of Shawols* up! Stay healthy, okay? we will miss u! ❀

  13. Juju, just wanna let you know that there are more people who follow your blog and depend on your news & translations more than you might realize^^ You must know that so many international blogs/news sites credit you and your info ALL the time? πŸ˜› for example, 80% of shinee news on Omona is crediting you, as well as koreaboo, etc, etc. You’re our link to fast, reliable and daily info on shinee for those of us who dont know korean and can’t understand the things going on over in DCinside, etc. You always seem to have info that other shinee blogs don’t!

    Just wanted to tell you that because I want you to realize how much of an impact you’ve had on i-fandom and that your efforts and hard work are not taken for granted! Take a long rest and we’ll support you in whatever you do Juju, hope you come back soon~ πŸ™‚

  14. I know what r u feelin bout this. Let’s thinking positively. His talent can’t completely covered by a nonsense stuff such this shit. N ppl who said that just know nothing bout syaini.

    I’ll wait u comin back n sharing to d big shawol famz!

  15. Eventhough it’s quite sad for me that you won’t be active for a while but we respect your decision. I myself sometimes make breaks too, ‘coz spending time to these stuffs is often very stressful.
    You know we all are proud of you, right?
    After so much you’ve done for us, you deserve a quiet time. Sorry that I can’t help any better 😦

    Be strong, relax and when you comeback, please do it big πŸ˜€

    I’ll miss you sooooooooooooo bad :*

  16. don’t worry^^ antis are only jealous because they don’t have taemins or any SHINee members talents^^ cheer up^^ and don’t take notice of things and comments that you don’t want to hear^^ so when your ready, come back proud and strong because you deserve to be a shawol^^ and no one has the right to put you down because you are a good person and you have helped a lot of taemints and other shawols like me get their daily doses^^ so stay strong and juju fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHINee LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. everybody here is so right,,we read some comment who is hurt and anti,,and you will feel like you wanna cry,angry at the same time..
    but i see many comment that said i like taemin personality,skill,cuteness,humble,shyness not his nose..which make me lol..they’re so sweet^^
    so like you said as we through this and handle well,, that how we will get stronger..every fandom always feel it,,even it just one..with that the fandom and shinee it self will became stronger..
    please take a rest and back again with smile ya!you can do it!!hwating! πŸ™‚

  18. Hello (: I really do understand why you need a break from fandom so please do take all the time that you need to sort things out! Also, I got into SHINee properly last fall as well. Didn’t think that I could have been so interested in and devoted to SHINee (and Taemin especially) if it wasn’t for your awesome subbed videos, quick translations and kind uploads of fancams and other videos. So, thank you very much for all that you have done! Will be waiting here! (:

  19. No, I think it’s us who have to thank you. For devoting yourself so much for subbing and keeping us up to date with all the news of SHINee. I’ve followed your blog for quite some time and felt guilty for rarely commenting, so I want to take this chance to express my gratitude to you. Really, really thank you β™₯

  20. juju or jujugal or sheena, please be strong. I know you were doing the best as shawol and for SHINee too. I hope something that bother your mind or anything else doesn’t make you hurt so much. You may up0set and cry but please keep your faith to SHINee. I love SHINee, I love Taemin and I love you too.

    I know I am a new reader here and we never contact personally, but I know you are a kind person. T^T

    I will always wait for you come back T^T

  21. be strong Jujugal!!I don’t know what to say..It’s seem so hard but I know you are strong…Fighting!!! ^^

    And I wanna say thank you for all of your updates!!A HUGE thanks to you!! ^^

  22. hey juju, you are the best shawol i ever knew. your dedication to this fandom with providing info about shinee is amazing.

    please cheer up.
    look at the new photo of shinee in gimpo airport. it makes me smile and suddenly forgot about those problem.
    how can we not love this 5 precious boys.
    no matter what happen, we’ll always love this 5 precious boys.

  23. hello. i’m sorry to hear about your YT account. i know you must have put so much effort into it. i’m one of those people who believes that there is always an important reason behind the things that happen to us. we may not understand it right now, but in time, if we wait patiently, the answer will show itself.
    i hope that you feel better soon. take care!

  24. Hi!! as soon as I read this I was so worried about you =(, it seems like all this weird stuff really hit us (shawols) so hard, maybe It is because we(me at least)arent that used to such problems but as You once said we have to be strong for SHINee and also for us (the shining SHINee World). You are really important to international shawols like me. All your hard work is very very aprecciated. Thank you so much for always share the information,photos,translated videos and more you have with us. It means so much.
    IΒ΄ve been into kpop since August 2009 and a shawol since the beginning of 2010 and from then to now I have just done nothing but loving more and more these five wonderful boys and when I found your blog it was like OMG!! there are so many translated videos and info and all waaaaa xDD I am really grateful towards you and obviously I am not the only one xD. I really hope you dont let this affect your love towards SHINee =D and please be healthy and come back when you feel like it. We are going to be waiting for you n.n! Be strong and smile like this ^^”’ !! *hugs*

  25. hey juju, like the other said, the who should said thanx is us,,
    for shawol who can not understand korean, your update is very helping
    so be strong,,we are here with you πŸ™‚

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