[fancam] OnTae Singing at Yu Seung Min’s Wedding

Cr to okadaami@youtube


4 thoughts on “[fancam] OnTae Singing at Yu Seung Min’s Wedding

  1. anybody else like me who wanted to shoot the pot of flower that blocked taemin??

    omo taembaby when did you get so good?! T_T makes me cry seeing how AMAZING he has improved.

    and onew…my god… hes literally GLOWING from his suit and his smile and 0.0

    excuse me while i die…

  2. This is a good look for Onew – he looks like a young English gent.

    So cute when he was lipsynching when Taemin was singing. They’re really like brotheres. I’m gonna miss the OnTae side interactions in Japan since they switched positions. But there’s bound to be a lot of naughty stuff now that Onhyun is standing beside each other.

  3. Taemin is improving. That’s really good. It’s also very cute how Onew kept looking at Taemin and reassuring him in his singing. Onew is always helping Taemin with his singing~

  4. Oh gosh, baby is singing so well… He improved a lot. T_T Even though I’m younger than him, I feel like a mother who is proud of her son !

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