[photo] SHINee at Walking Festival 3

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Cr as tagged]

Saying they have lots of international fans, each of them greeted fans in different languages. The MC commented, they can speak 5 languages and he hasn’t seen an idol group so proficient in foreign languages, and they burst into laughter 😀

Is that so funny??

And the last two pictures of Taem… The coordi noonas should not do this to Taem 😦


6 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Walking Festival 3

  1. wow taemin! lots of skin lately. >,<
    coordi noona.. are you trying to turn us shawols pedo? lol.

  2. OMG!!! TAeminnie you will be always be my minnie even tough I am the same age!! kekekeke coordi noona so evil xDD awww jjongie, dubu, bummie minho yayyyyy ^^!!!!!!!!

  3. SHeena, can I get video link of this event? T^T
    thank you before
    I want to see when they are honored as international idol

  4. LOL I think they laughed because they’re being modest? The MC said it like they’re practically a foreign language program, but they don’t speak a lot of different languages that proficiently.

    As for Taemin…. sigh. I can barely look at him these days…. he’s changed so much in just about two weeks. He’s too attractive, I can’t look D:

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