[photo] Shawols with Balloons at Dream Concert

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

Shawol seats are not in M.N.L.

Wow, look, so many shawols 😀


20 thoughts on “[photo] Shawols with Balloons at Dream Concert

  1. So many Shawols! They must miss SHINee like crazy. I hope the cheers later are loud and clear

      • Two bazooka fans didn’t follow the rule and ran up to the stage right after shinee appeared on stage. And then other fans followed them. So a hell-like push and pull right in front of our boys.

    • I changed it on the seating chart posted below. There seems to be a war of nerves between two SM super groups over seats as anticipated. Cassies are in the center and elfs on the left, shawols on the right in the chart. Now cassies are asking elfs to move further to the left, but elfs are refusing, saying more fans will come. Btw, elfs are sitting where shinee banners are hanging. I don’t know who seated them this way.

      • Whoa. It is getting intense over there o-o The ELF’s are sitting on SHINee’s side? I guess they got confused because they are sitting on the wrong side, lol. The Shawols didn’t start any conflict because of that right? I hope not, our fandom probably wouldn’t do anything to embarrass SHINee. Judging from the picture you posted, are there still more Shawols coming since there seems to be a lot of space left on the other side. Or is it reserved for another fandom?

      • Nope, anyway, shawols and elfs are not sitting next to each other. So don’t worry. I think Cassies are caged on both sides, so they are complaining and asking elfs to move cuz there are empty sections before 2pm sections start.

  2. i could see only shawols are seating there. they surely early!! ><
    i mean, look at the seats at the left side, no one there yet. i guess shawols realised they have to turn up early to get a seat. ^^

  3. i heard that shawol made a special lightstick for this event. do you have a picture of that special lightstick? i wanna know. people says that the lightstick is awesome.

  4. i just saw the light stick. someone has shared it at soompi thread. ^^

    i could say it’s awesome!! >w<

  5. awwwwwww!! really really hope that our lovely and shining k shawols show all their love with loud cheers!!!! please k shawols show of what us (SHINee World)are made of!! yayyy^^!!!! GO GO!! SHINee and SHINee WORLD!!! gotta love them!!!!

  6. Whoa. Thanks for the updated pictures. I just notice that shawols actually have a lot of space compared to the cassies and elfs o-o

  7. Holy crap O.O Okay, now I see.
    There’s so many! Enough to be compared to the sunbae fandom, Cassie! Woah~ Shawol is getting stronger!

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