[photo] JongKey & Taemin with Puppy at Dream Concert Backstage

[from Hwang Sanghoo’ns twitter]

Is that dog the one Key received as a present on a cable program?

Onew finally without a jacket


6 thoughts on “[photo] JongKey & Taemin with Puppy at Dream Concert Backstage

  1. I just found Love Pursuer on youtube again and it really does look like that dog he got! I didn’t think they really gave him a dog lol. Thought it was just for the program’s sake….but I guess they really did unless he just got another dog that looks like that one

    • I think it’s not Eve. Eve at the concert? As JW says, it’s more likely to be the dog on Love Pursuer because Key’d have the dog at the dorm if he kept it with him. They are the same breed.

      • *quickly open love pursuer*
        ahhh~ i does look like the dog the girl gave to key. 🙂
        i dont keep dogs before, so i dont really know about them. *forgive me*

  2. Haha…yes, Onew finally without a jacket….and yeah, he looks buffed. All the boys are starting to get that way. I just hope it doesn’t become too much… Or that they start taking off their shirts. I’m not a prude but I just don’t believe SHINee needs to do that to get noticed. Their talent should be enough.

    • I look forward to seeing Onew in sleeveless. I agree. I’m a bit upset about baring Taemin too much these days. Maybe to show that they’re not boys anymore. At least they bare members by turns, not all of them together. Then all shawols will faint with heart attack or nosebleed 😉

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