[photo] Jonghyun & Key Teary at Dream Concert Ending


[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

Jonghyun and Key got teary seeing fans

They were touched by the number of fans who turned up for the concert


9 thoughts on “[photo] Jonghyun & Key Teary at Dream Concert Ending

  1. WOW! Were there really that many fans?! O: I don’t remember what Dream Team was like last year….. were there really more fans this year?

  2. TT_TT!!!!!awwwww my boys I dont want to see them tary It just breaks my heart and make cry abuuuu TT_TT but I guess they were really happy because of all the shawols that were there but Juju theres one thing in which I would like to have your opinion . These past days Ive been thinking that the reason why our boys were asking shawols to go to the Dream Concert was because maybe they are going to Japan for a very very long time and not like SNSD(going back and forward between japan and korea?) I dont know but I just get that feeling. but well whatever It is I am sure that shawols are going to support SHINee no matter what. I really really hope that they get what they really deserve in Japan. PLease j shawols support them and give all the care and love towards these 5 awesome shining boys ^^!!!!.

    • No, I don’t think so. Dream Concert is an event people and stars can see the power of fandom. It is special in that sense. The stars see fans through small events, but DC is different. I think our boys don’t know exactly how many fans they have. And I think they have this concern fans might forget them or turn to some new group during a break. They were really happy and touched by fans who gathered and chanted for them.

      • awww Thank you so much for your opinion!!! ^^!!! after seeing a lot of fancams of the DC I am really grateful towards our SHINee WOrld waaaaaaaaaa they really cheered loud, there were a lot of banners too and their special fanlight and all!! love them all!! yeah thats true I guess they were worried about that because of all that new groups that are appearing right now ^^! but fortunately for us shawols are really loyal!!!! awww so so happy!!! my precious shining boys! I hope they stay healthy and happy!! =D!!

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