[me2day] 110528 Taemin

[Taemin] It’s 5 hours before Dream Concert starts!! I saw our banners. There were so many I was movedㅠㅠCheer for all of us a lot today~ Our pretty SHINee World yeoreoboon^∇^~!!! heart bbyong♥

(*bbyong: the onomatopoeia for the sound a magic wand makes–“heart bbyong” is sooooooooo cute)

Taemin-ah, finally!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ How did you recall the password?


20 thoughts on “[me2day] 110528 Taemin

  1. AIGOOOO TAEMINNIE T^T Look at this cutie little pie, how can you be so cute ? AND his message is so cute ❤
    So, you remember the password now huh ? Kekekek that pouty lips and chubby cheeks T___T

  2. omg. This picture was so cute! He finally remembered the password to his account, lol! I wished I could be able to attend but I cant >< I hope there are a lot of fancams!

  3. Jujugal, I was wondering if I could ask you something. Many people on tumblr have been suspecting and saying that Taemin has had a nose job or had an injection to his nose to make it sharper o-o I actually find it ridiculous but many believed he had his nose changed. Do you know anything? I’m really curious about this o-o

    • Are they really fans? If they are, they should know Taemin’s nose look different from different angles. I’m really disappointed with those fans who are suspecting of it. I don’t believe they are real fans. They saw only one picture and then say, Oh, his nose look different! Poop, see other pictures taken on the same day. That’s one of Taemin’s charms: He looks different in different clothes, hair styles, and different camera angles. Even in old days, his nose was like that. And Taemin is not that type of man. Among all the others, Taemin had a nose job? That’s the most ridiculous thing to say about Taemin. Those people don’t know anything about Taemin.
      And one more: usually Korean antis attack stars with that kind of suspicion, but I’ve never come across an anti accusing Taemin of a nose job. They are saying Taemin is getting fat, haha. What a nonsense!
      Please, let’s stop such a ridiculous talk.

      • Thank you for agreeing with me. When I first saw people talk about this on tumblr, I was really shock! They were all talking about how they (probably talking about SM) persuaded him to do it since he is now of legal age (18), they said that Taemin was really easy to convince. I denied what they said and they called me delusional and that I should accept the fact that Taemin had a nose job. A lot of people were telling me to accept it too but I couldn’t so I came here to ask and talk to you first to see if it was true or not. Thanks for telling me Jujugal, I won’t ever doubt Taemin again! I can’t believe people thought Taemin would do that and get a nose job. He doesn’t need to change anything, he’s perfect the way he is ^^

      • I was wondering weither K-fans had mention anything about this but I guess this assumption really isn’t of Korean origin…-sigh- many I-fans seem to be totally buying it…his nose really can look diffrent depending on the angle but look at his new selca & compare it with his old ones it’s the same! idk I’m really not looking forward to seeing this crap pop up every so often when discussions on Taemin come up but I guess I’ll just have to work harder to ignore the ignorant comments ^^; ima just take this as a sign they’re getting more popular ^^;;

      • Recently I saw someone making up a story that Minho & Key had a nose job. That’s ridiculous, but they even presented pictures. It’s like if you want to see it that way, you can easily find photos to prove your theory. Photos can be very deceiving. I’m really sick of this. K-shawols will get upset when they hear this. As you said at the end, I think it’s a sign of their increasing popularity. The new groups are trying to imitate SHINee and use their reputation and popularity nowadays. We’d better get prepared.

      • really!? Minho & Key too O_O Key is new but wasn’t Minho already accused of that during Juliette era? I clearly remember it.
        I shutter to think how K-fans will feel if they hear this. The fact that they’ve said nothing about it (neither C or J-fans it seems either) speaks volumes on how bogus the assumption is imo They’re the ones stalking & taking photos of him, if anyone should notice unusual changes in his looks it’s them. I wish ppl would do research themselves before accepting a rumor as truth. I looked all through my Taem pic folder & compared them w/ the new pics & I swear he looks no different(except a lot more mature now :3)

      • Right. Look at the pictures of him on his debut! It’s the same. I saw some antis making fun of Taemin with some pictures taken at the Idol Sports Competition (taken when he was running), saying he becomes ugly as he gets older (what a childish act! We’ll see more antis as Taemin is noticed and gain popularity). Even in the Japanese Replay video, Taemin’s nose looks different in different shots. If someone’s nose looks always same, that’s weird. Our nose is made of flesh and bones, so its looks changes when we make expressions. And based on what I know about Taemin, he is not that type of person. I was very upset at this rumor.

  4. taemin and SHINee fighting^^9
    i don’t think taemin would do that he’s perfect the way he is^^ but if you do have any info please post it^^
    (i think he’s just growing up :P)

      • don’t worry i know he’s a good boy he wouldn’t do that
        (and anyway he knows he’s good looking^^so why change) hahahaha

  5. nonsense! people nowadays getting jealous with the rising popularity of shinee. even though as a blinger, i admit our baby taetae really is popular! ^^
    dont know that rumor come from antis or shinee fans ( im not generalizing shawols here ) but im sad SOME shawols are jealous of taemin popularity in japan.

  6. so he once again remembers the password to the me2day…he looks pretty though (as usual)

    I’m probaly weird in saying this but I feel like all the boys have become a lot more outgoing, comfortable & confident in front fans. Taemin in particular seems to be really coming out his shell now! ^^ I think the concerts really helped the boys connect more strongly w/ fans

  7. i really hate to say it but i noticed it too, between 110522 airport pics and the 110526 perfs.. but maybe he just had a cold and was sneezing for days thus.. yeah it makes no sense.. but i have the worst habit of touching my nose and ive noticeably made it longer and thinner, and i hate it, i have to get rings on my fingers so id touch them instead of my face >.<

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  9. these antis need to just fuck off. this is getting me really upset hearing such a rumour about Taemiinie.

    i would like to thank them though, because they are just making Taemin and SHINee more popular than they already are so BRING IT ON ANTIS U BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!

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