[photo] SHINee at Walking Festival


[Source: DC Shinee Gallery | Cr as tagged]

Key-mom is holding hands with Tae-baby.

Onew’s hair!

And Taemin… what coordinator noonas are thinking these days? He’s still underage!!!

8 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee at Walking Festival

  1. Why does Onew keep his arms covered up all the time? He must be hot in that outfit. I hope nothing’s wrong or he’s insecure about the ongguns if he hasn’t worked out in a while.

    Dubu, you don’t need to be buff. We love you just the way you are.

    • That’s possible. Or he might be exercising to surprise us later? He will feel pressure with Jonghyun and Minho showing off their muscles. It seems that hyungs are covering up while maknae is showing his skin a lot. I’m strongly against it 😦

      • Agree with you re Taemin – unlike some people, he’s actually a talented dancer and a budding singer. There is no need to pimp him this way. I would prefer that he’s taken seriously bec if talent, not looks.

        Re Onew: I saw the pics today and his chest width is almost the same as Jjong and his ongguns were visible when he wore that blue shirt in MuCore (last week?). I guess he’s being shy and I prefer him fully clothed anyway LOL. I’m glad he looked genuinely happy today and last Thurs.

  2. TaeKey holding hands! eeeeeeeehhhh! that makes me insanely happy.
    i agree with yah – the way they dress Taemin these days… ugh! it’s glaringly pimping him off. i know they want him to have a more manly image, but sometimes i think it’s too much.

    • I feel uncomfortable… It’s not just a manly image…Look at the t-shirt Taemin’s wearing on Asian Place (LSD & sexsi). Can’t they wait at least until he comes of age? Ugh.

      • i feel sorry for Taem, somehow. i worry about him getting exploited. i mean, he looks so ‘bare’ compared to his hyungs. it bothers me so much i wonder if there’s a way that we can let SM know about our concerns.

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