[photo] SHINee in World Cup Stadium for Dream Concert Rehearsal

[Source: DC Shinee Gallery]

1st picture: They are looking at the banners. I heard there are currently 22 SHINee banners, the most amongst all the fansite banners. Some banners are said to be in the wait line because of lack of space. So we’ll see more tomorrow when there’s more space available.

Look at Taemin on Minho’s shoulders >.< Taemin, you’re not the smallest anymore. Still he is the baby in SHINee.

The fan says Jonghyun was dancing Techtonic πŸ™‚

2nd picture: Watching DBSK’s rehearsal. Onew is not here. He’s probably in the waiting room.

The fan says SHINee were cute, lively, and kind. They greeted people loudly, were very cooperative, did the rehearsal earnestly.

SHINee will open the 2nd part of the Dream Concert. I hope lots of fans will go to cheer for them!


11 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee in World Cup Stadium for Dream Concert Rehearsal

  1. lol at 2min moment there. hehe~ they’re so cute~ >w<''
    daebak! i saw the banners & its pretty. cant wait to see the colour of pearlescent sky blue from fancams tomorrow. ^^
    p/s : sheena, which channel will air the dream concert? ^^

  2. kbs2? omo~ i cant watch this on tv then. *sob*
    i also heard sbs really upset about this.
    but why actually they switch it?

    • there was some kind of deal between the organization and kbs, and sbs was very upset about it and even threatened the management companies.

  3. Wooo! Hopefully we’ll get lots of fancam tomorrow! Has there been any info about when they’ll air this, or is this broadcasted live?

    On a side note: I’m excited that the organizers switched to KBS. Hopefully we’ll get better sound than what SBS’ crappy sound system has given us for the last couple of years!

    And thanks for all your hard work on this blog Jujugal!(or Sheena. Which one do you prefer? :P)

    • Hopefully, but I’m rather doubtful. Call me juju πŸ™‚ It’ll be very hard to get good fancams unless you sit very close to the stage. And you know the stadium is really big.

      • I’m keeping my thumbs crossed anyway haha! Personally I’ve always found SBS’s sound iffy compared to KBS’. KBS might not have THE best sound but it’s more consistent in a good way. SBS’ tends to drown the singers’ voices by turning the backing track on maximum unless your smart and go with the hand mics which will at least make you somewhat audible πŸ˜›

        According to the seat maps I’ve seen of the fanclubs, SM’s section is at the very back of the stadium. Again, I keep my fingers crossed that there will be some fans in the pit that’ll be kind enough to share their fancams πŸ™‚

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