[info] Dream Concert Fanclub Seating Chart


SM supporters said fans could get in without tickets. Because many shawols don’t have tickets as SHINee’s participation was decided after the ticket applications were done. I think the seats for SM fanclubs could expand on both sides.

Dream Concert will be aired on KBS2 at 11 p.m., Friday, 10 June.


13 thoughts on “[info] Dream Concert Fanclub Seating Chart

  1. so they didnt divided the seat place for shawols, elfs and cassies? dont you think the fanwar will arise like sones and elfs in dream concert last year?

    by the way, where are you come from? you are the most rapid in providing the latest news about shinee.

    • They are dividing the SM seats now with fans already lining up to get in. I think SM seats are definitely expanded both sides. Someone says M, N, L are for shawols. Seems lots of shawols are there. And as for elfs, I don’t know how many of them will be there only for heechul. Still Dream Concert is for showing off fandom power, so many elfs may turn up.

  2. It seems like seating at this concert is a big deal. Like, where the seating is and how much seating everyone gets. Why is that?

    Just want to get an understanding of the customs of this concert 🙂

    • Entertainment power and politics? + fandom size. They won’t give the center parts to unpopular ones. And then they’ll try to divide the seats by the entertainment company. These days, super groups are mostly SM, so conflicts arise among SM group fandoms. SHINee was added late, I don’t know how the seating would have changed if SHINee were in the lineup earlier. From this year’s lineup, everyone wondered how they would fill the seats without SNSD, SuJu, and SHINee. DBSK alone won’t be enough. And then they decided to add SHINee.

      • I see. I do remember hearing people talk about there not being enough popular acts at Dream Concert this year. If Shinee was confirmed earlier then more Shawols could have been prepared to show up. Unfortunate but I think there will be a sufficient amount to support the boys anyways!

  3. SHINee only gets 3 small blocks while groups like Kara gets 4 huge ones? I’m not bashing on Kara or anything but their fanclub in Korea is not really that big (only around 55k only) unless their Japanese fan club comes over to support them, I don’t know how they’ll be able to fill them. I really hope the seats get expanded a bit more for them.

    Once again, I am not bashing Kara. I am just using them as an example. I am well-aware that they are extremely popular in Japan, it’s just that I noticed they aren’t as popular in Korea as they are in Japan, that’s why I was curious and I wanted to ask.

    • I think Japanese fans are coming. Other people are also feeling the same as you. I’m curious how they’ll fill the seats. And one thing to remember: the seating is not for each group’s fanclub, but for the management company, as you can see from the chart. So even though SHINee fandom is bigger than other groups’, it doesn’t get enough seats because SM already got huge space. You know there was a fight between SM fandoms over the assigned seats last year. Not SHINee fandoms. Compared to sones and elfs, shawols are used to standing on the side line. That’s what SHINee as a hoobae group has to take… I know it’s too bad. In Japan, SHINee will get what they deserve finally, I hope.

  4. ahh.i was wondering about the seating also when SHINee just confirmed their participation quite late. but seeing the banners here & there, im pretty sure many shawols would turn up. ^^
    wow! the seats for hottests are alot. ><

    • fans say the hottest seats are not filled even to the half. I don’t know whether you know, but they lost lots of fans after the Jaebum scandal. A lot of them are now beauties.

      • alot of them turn to beauties?
        i’ve heard hottests chanted jaebum’s name last dream concert & i read that jaebum also perform this year & the international hottests hope that khottests dont do like that again.
        p/s : i saw the new pic you posted! lot of shawols turn up! yeayyy! pls cheer for them aloud!!!! ^^

      • The situation has changed. After the meeting 2pm had with fans and told them Jaebum wouldn’t come back because of something really bad he did, fans got really disappointed and disillusioned with them. Some of them support only Jaebum, or they turned beauties. Since then, 2pm’s fanbase is not strong with lots of fans leaving.

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