[m/v] SHINee Replay Japanese Version

Cr to EMIMusicJapan@youtube

Is it only me who laughed so much while watching it? Of course because I’m so happy to see the video finally, but also because the five boys acting different characters in love with the girl looked so cute and silly, hahaha

Jjong, what are you doing? Are you a singer or a cafe worker? the part he dances while cleaning ㅋㅋㅋㅋnever-changing Jjong style dance:D Key in glasses showing a dress to the girl was hilarious XD Taemin dancing in the slow motion was cool~ Minho playing basketball, so handsome. Onew’s sweet and precious smile =3

Back to watch it again and again and again…

Giggling at Jjong’s expression at the end when they are like, oops we liked the same girl!

Minho’s showing off his chiseled chest~ *o*


9 thoughts on “[m/v] SHINee Replay Japanese Version

  1. @juju : i thought i’m the only one who’s giggling like crazy when watching this. lol.
    *rape the replay button*

    • OMG. I feel you. Im also giggling over SHINee’s Japanese Replay PV. The feel of the song is sooo different from the Korean MV.

  2. Wow!! Finally been waiting for it all day!! 😀 Everyone looks so hot, and I love the image, I keept smiling like a fool! :D… but I actually prefer the Korean version, they were like really young guys in love, now is like “OMG all of us liked the same girl!” (lol) anyway I love SHINee forever! ❤

  3. i got it on playlist to boots views, let’s aim for million
    MV is great, hate sound effect
    I still prefer Korean version

  4. ahhhhh i love it!!!!!!!!!!! i was laughing too^^
    omo i love them taemin and SHINee sarang hae!!!!!!!!
    SHINee fighting^^9 (korean is still no. 1)

  5. you know what, as right now for about 5 hours the youtube counter still stuck at 303 views. lol~ xD

      • yes i also wanna see big number there~
        it’s too bad emi doesnt allow comments. if they allow it, i will be spazzing over there along with other shawols. lol.

      • I know, I was like where should I go to spazz over it 🙂 I don’t know why, but Japanese companies usually don’t allow comments 😦 Too bad.

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