[photo] SHINee on Photoshoot for H2

[Source: http://t.jnwb.net/index.php?m=ta&id=1851556530]

Minho is wearing H2 T-shirt, but fans are confused… because someone says they had a photoshoot for Auction last week.

Taemin & Sulli together!

It’s for H2. Fans say these photos were taken just a minute ago o_o

2 thoughts on “[photo] SHINee on Photoshoot for H2

  1. Is this in Korea? Even though Taemin is my bias, I am glad to see Jjong standing in the middle again. It just seemed kind of empty and awkward without him standing there, lol x]

    • H2 is for the China market. SHINee and f(x) launched the brand as models in 2010. Glad to see them continue on this year.

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