[news] SHINee & SNSD to Perform in MTV VMAJ

Global music channel MTV announced Korean idol groups SNSD and SHINee will make a fantastic performance together in the MTV Video Music Aid Japan (VMAJ) to be aired all over Asia on 25 June.

SHINee was the only group invited to represent Korea, but with SNSD’s first regular album in Japan scheduled to be released early June, SNSD was also decided to join SHINee’s stage.

SNSD released their 3rd single Mr. Taxi in April and topped the chart at Japan’s largest mobile site.

Now SHINee is set to debut in Japan this June, their joint performance is a hot topic with media as well as with fans domestic and overseas.

Japanese girl group AKB48 will emcee the 10th MTV VMAJ, and guest singers include world pop star Lady Gaga, Exile, Nishino Kana, Japan’s under rock band Monkey Majik, German rock band Tokio Hotel, and English rock band One Night Only.

SNSD has been nominated for three awards, Best Group Video, Best Video of the Year, and Best Karaoke Song. People wonder whether they will be honored with triple awards following Big Bang last year.

MTV VMAJ, to be held in Makuharimese at 6 p.m., 25 June, will be aired live in 9 Asian Countries (Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Philippines, and Indonesia) through MTV channel.

[from TV Daily http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1306374091162821011]

Trans by jujugal


26 thoughts on “[news] SHINee & SNSD to Perform in MTV VMAJ

  1. I like SNSD too but this had better mean SHINee gets a SOLO stage on top of this joint stage. If it’s just a joint stage, then I am disappointed at SME for even letting this happen. EMI already did a great job of getting SHINee to perform at VMAJ so why mess it up?

    • Did you watch Big Bang with 2NE1 on the same stage? 2NE1 was added at the last minute for promotion, and BB fans were upset. Apparently, SNSD was added later to promote their album as the article indicates although they were nominated for 3 awards. But I wonder what SNSD fans will say about this. Cuz they would not believe SHINee was first invited for their own value as a popular group.

  2. I understand that Shinee and SNSD are both with SM and SM wants both to succeed and they have been using each other to get legs up. Like Shinee has Yoona in Jap. Replay PV and Key was in some SNSD video thing. But Idk, it’d be cool if Shinee could have one thing to themselves. I don’t mean to be greedy, but I was looking forward to Shinee showing Japan what they are really about with this stage, and now they can’t do that because it is some joint thing with SNSD. I like SNSD, but just saying.

    • Cool – twin comments (see above). I’m trying not to be pissed to be honest. It just seems so unfair. If there was anything that SHINeeWorld Concert in Japan proved, it was that SHINee can stand on their own in Japan even before debut.

      • Yeah, I’m trying to tell myself only good can come out of it. I mean, they could not have gotten the opportunity to perform at this thing at all. Guess it’s better than nothing. Sigh~

    • Agreed. I’ve never & I mean NEVER been bothered by the boys doing joint stages w/ female artist or lablemates except this time…call me greedy as well but I don’t want them to share this stage w/ anyone :\

      oh well, it can’t be helped…better be a spectacular stage….

      • same thoughts as mine. not this stage! this stage is like a time for SHINee to show off their skills right before their Japanese debut. SNSD already promoted in Japan, i guess why bother doing a joint stage? Not to mention, SNSD also got nominated for 3 awards. like duhh.. give some spotlight to SHINee to shine their ways.

        p/s : am i being too bias here? o.0

  3. joint stage? ok, now maybe some sones will say ‘ i knew snsd deserved to be on that stage from earlier’
    I dont like this kind of thoughts. SHINee deserve to be on that stage since they already are popular in Japan before debut. I dont know what intention they have to put SNSD & SHINee on joint stage. –,–

  4. UGH i like SNSD too and i love shinee generation, but i was so fucking excited about this event PRIMARILY b/c shinee were the only korean artists invited. shinee has always been in SNSD’s shadow and now that they have their own chance to shine, this happens.

    the fact that SM just decides to add them in at the last moment, they’re just trying to squeeze as much out of this opportunity as possible..SM needs to gtfo out of shinee’s jap promotions and let EMI handle things.

    i think they’re trying to pimp out snsd as much as they can in japan hoping they’ll be able to dominate just as they did in Korea. but honestly i believe shinee can do better than them in Japan.

  5. Guys, let’s not fight regarding this. I love both groups so It doesn’t really matter for me. But it’s just a small issue like this, a joint stage doesn’t mean shinee popularity is not acknowledged. It boosts shinee’s popularity even more. We have to admit that snsd is way more popular than shinee in japan. From what I know, shinee japanese fans are also snsd’s fans, but snsd’s fans are NOT always shinee’s fans. So in conclusion shinee’s fans < snsd's fans I bet SM decided to do this to make shinee even popular in japan by using snsd's popularity too. don't be too biased, we have to respect other artists too and especially towards shinee's sunbaes in SMTOWN.
    Listen, shawols image has been accused as childish, immature, annoying and super biased fangirls. And I don't want that. Many have said this.
    Look, snsd has been nominated for 3 BIG AWARDS long long ago before SHINee got invited to this event. Isn't it weird that artist who's been nominated such grand awards not perform?? by snsd got nominated in such awards, ofc they AUTOMATICALLY got invited to attend right?? Obviously.
    The fact that SHINee got invited to this awesome and worldwide event like this is so amazing to me and an honour to the boys themselves. I'm sure of that. And I'm so proud to be a shawol. Once again let's not argue like this, it's only makes things worse and SHINee's image can be destroyed.

    • I don’t want to argue either but your comment is really interesting/hypocritical.

      “We have to admit that snsd is way more popular than shinee in japan.”

      LOL what? shinee hasn’t even debuted in japan yet. before shinee has even had a chance to debut how can you compare the number of fans to each other? Lol logic you have none.

      “From what I know, shinee japanese fans are also snsd’s fans, but snsd’s fans are NOT always shinee’s fans.”

      Again, what? where and how did you arrive to this conclusion? i had no idea you personally interviewed every single shinee/snsd fan to arrive at this. lol

      “So in conclusion shinee’s fans < snsd's fans"

      Biased conclusion imo.

      "Look, snsd has been nominated for 3 BIG AWARDS long long ago before SHINee got invited to this event. "

      What does that even have to do with anything..? lmao

      "Isn't it weird that artist who's been nominated such grand awards not perform?? by snsd got nominated in such awards, ofc they AUTOMATICALLY got invited to attend right?? Obviously."

      No, not obviously. there are almost a hundred other artists nominated but not everyone is going to be performing. far from it, actually.. get your facts straight please.

      "it's only makes things worse and SHINee's image can be destroyed."

      I haven't seen any shawols/sones fighting about it elsewhere. This is a shinee blog and i doubt any sones will be here to find offense anyway. And it's not like sones wouldn't do the same.

    • “Listen, shawols image has been accused as childish, immature, annoying and super biased fangirls. And I don’t want that. Many have said this.”

      U don’t want that or u think that ???

      “From what I know, shinee japanese fans are also snsd’s fans, but snsd’s fans are NOT always shinee’s fans. So in conclusion shinee’s fans “< just want they have thier own stage this time, not snsd, not other ground, don't they just invite SHINee ?

  6. I’m sorry if im acted too childish & biased then. It’s just me, maybe my inner hardcore shawol that said it. mianhae snsd. –,–
    truthfully, i love snsd. but i guess my love for shinee is tremendously dangerous. i usually dont get mad easily but sigh.
    yes i agree with omona, i do heard about other people saying bad things about shawols. 🙂

  7. @HiraHyun
    dont worry, it’s okay i understand what you feel.
    since i’m a very hardcore shawol too even before they debut. so as shinee turns 3 years now i turn 3 years too now as a shawol. i’ve liked them from the start.
    SHINee was the 1st kpop group that I loved. And I still do now. they made me got to know kpop and all, so yeah they mean a lot to me.

    It’s just that as time goes by, I often hear people talking trash abt shawols who being a little immature and those ppl eventually end up hating SHINee too. It hurts so much to see that SHINee being bashed for no reason just because there’s some minority of shawols who’s being too biased. Let’s just stop that and enjoy SHINee’s music and support them as much as we can. It’s okay to defend them but don’t be a little too much and in the end bashing other artists, we don’t want a fanwar right? Since it’ll only hurt SHINee themselves even more.

    • Wow, first you call some shawols immature (accdg to other people) and too biased just because they are not fully supportive of this joint stage. Now you assume some shawols are bashing SNSD because they disagree with this joint stage.

      I suggest you stop. There wasn’t any bashing going on until you started calling some Shawols immature. You may not have been bashing either group but you are certainly bashing on Shawols.

    • OK, with already so many replies to your comment, I don’t want to add one (I hope you take this as “healthy” discussion), but let me say just this: actually the image of shawols in korea is very good compared to other fandoms that are more aggressive. Shawols are known for being quiet and unassuming. I go to DC shinee gallery very often to get info, and I don’t see them bashing other SM artists. But it’s not like that in other SM fandom galleries. But I won’t generalize it. There are always those in any fandom who act immature. I think some of what you said could be very misleading because it sounds like you’re generalizing your theories based on your partial observations.

      • i do notice that shawols dont really reply back what the haters has said about shinee. ok, based on my observation only. 🙂
        juju, i want to know what your last statement is referring for. ahh, i should learn korean more seriously. >,<
        juju, you have twitter or something? wanna add you. 🙂

  8. May i add something?

    Maybe the joint stage will be only with Yoona. I mean since she’s the noona in REPLAY…

    I don’t have anything against the girls but i really was looking forward to
    this performance of our boys.

    The other thing is i think the companies acknowledge the popularity of SHINee in Japan since SNSD are not in EMI, and make this “last minute” change to put them together with SHINee? shows really something great!^^

    Still hope it’s just Yoona or at least
    one girl from SNSD for each of our boys…

    I’m really proud of them! 😀

  9. we cant help it anyway because there’ll be minor shawols bashing other groups. but at least, we can try to not do it right?
    sigh, i never bashed other groups but dont know what gotten to me just now. jeongmal!
    yes i think alike too. their music is what making me start to love kpop. i never imagine i’ll be loving shinee as hard as now.
    & i think they will be my one & only bias forever. 🙂

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  11. Lol. I like SNSD. But as how much I like them, its never comparable to SHINee. Obviously isnt it. I know I dont have the qualification to say no SNSD. But for once, in such international stage, I want SHINee to get the full attention. Finally they’re able to perform with Gaga, Tokio Hotel and AK48. And not to mention, in the first place, SHINee is the only hallyu star to be invited here. Now with SNSD incoming, a lot of attention will probably diverted. 😦 I like SNSD, but like I said, for once, I want SHINee to have it all. The attention, love, fan cheers and etc. For once.

    Anyway, there shouldnt be any fanwar here, since Juju’s site is basically all about SHINee.

    • agree with you..i just want to see shinee perform fully…so i can see their reability…but if they had to share stage with SNSD that’s mean we can’t see 100% shinee

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